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$STATE: Massive Token Energize on Charged Particles

New crypto project, NWO STATE (Φ) has energized a whopping 1 trillion of their ERC-20 Governance Tokens inside a singular NFT.

Specifically, the NFT is the PaterPontifex Limited Edition Profile Image of Ciprian Pater, CEO of Publicae.Org, Founder of New World Order $STATE Governance Token.

And the NFT is up for sale for a staggering 66.6 ETH.

The PaterPontifex NFT image

What is Publicae?

Publicae aims to utilise blockchain technologies for benevolent applications that may benefit all of mankind, research into NFTs and their potential for disruption in the process of commodification of all life on earth is just a natural step towards this goal.

Founder, Ciprian Pater writes,

The profile image artwork may not be clearly identifiable, main feature is the Publicae and NWO STATE Logo icon on Ciprian´s forehead the symbol Phi (uppercase Φ, lowercase φ) which is the 21st letter of the Modern Greek alphabet which many people are familiar with as Greek letters are often used to represent functions in mathematics and science.

Politics on Chain?

Wait, isn’t the blockchain politically agnostic?

The Ethereum blockchain is uncensorably politically agnostic, as is Charged Particles.

It is exactly this quality that allows political projects to build freely upon the blockchain. NWO has an app available in the Android and Apple stores.

Charged Particles: The DeFi NFT Toolkit

At Charged Particles, we provide the DeFi NFT Toolkit.

Offering the unique “Energize” function, among others, we give utility to NFTs as an open protocol. We provide this functionality through both our user-friendly Dapp, as well as our SDK.

We love seeing and being surprised by what the community builds with this!

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Applications of Charged Particles:

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