There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

Rafael Hoekstra
Charged Particles
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3 min readDec 20, 2021


Once upon a time in the Metaverse, there was a humble banana farmer named Rob Secord. He grew so many bananas, that one day he opened a Banana Stand.

Rob’s bananas were so good, that the Banana Stand became famous throughout the Metaverse. Apes from far and wide came to buy their daily bananas there...

Coming to munch on bananas were CyberKongz from Dikasso on Kongz Island, and Gmoney’s Ape Punk (Cryptopunk).
From the Yacht Club, came Bored Apes from Shinji Akhirah and Ben Mayor White, and Mutant Apes from Shinji and Steveo Spirals.
And always slipping on a banana peel was Steveo’s Great Ape from the Great Ape Society.

One beautiful day in the Metaverse, the apes were all enjoying the sun after eating their bananas. Rob sat with them and spoke.

Happy banana farmer, Rob

“Apes, you know I like being a banana farmer, but I will never make enough money to retire one day.

Laughing, the apes all threw their banana peels at Rob and bellowed,

“There’s always money in the Banana Stand!”

Astounded, Rob pulled up a floorboard to reveal there was money within the structure of the Banana Stand itself. Lots of money. Not only was there $100k in the Banana Stand — it was also compounding in interest!

100k aUSDC in The Banana Stand gaining “Charge” (compounding interest)

Rob wept for joy and gave an extra banana to every ape. From that day forth, he continued to farm bananas, but slept better at night knowing there was always money in the Banana Stand when it came time to retire.

The DeFi sun continued to shine brightly in the Metaverse, as apes and farmers lived happily ever after.

A fun fusion of DeFi and NFT, the Banana Stand is testament to the great apery of 2021. May apes far and wide, look on in awe and be inspired by the possibilities of DeFi NFTs. And may those blessed apes basking in the sun with bananas aplenty, remember to save some for a rainy day. For you never know when you’re going to need money in the banana stand!

Check out the great Banana Stand NFT here.
And some comical inspiration below.

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