Zero Gravity — Charged Particles Art Drop #2 Recap

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Charged Particles
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6 min readMar 24, 2021
Why yes, there was a lot of dancing!

Last week saw the second official Charged Particles event, Zero Gravity, a party that spanned multiple Metaverse spaces and hosted over 800 unique guests on Discord and more than 500 in Cryptovoxels. We released some amazing art by nine featured artists which you can view and purchase by visiting our marketplace.

These artists helped us kick off our brand-new Charged Particles Gallery in Cryptovoxels (designed by Richard Dixon) and our Charged Particles Mainstage in Decentraland (designed by Spike). Tied together by our partners at Token Smart, the event audio and live feed took place in their Discord server where participants chatted, talked with artists, and showed off their funkiest disco-gifs while IMT played one of the best musical sets any of us had ever heard at a crypto event. They’ll be back to play again at the next event — ALTERED STATE.

And to boot, we gave away a LEPTON.

Community Manager Mango (yours truly) hosting the event from Seoul, South Korea


With the recent announcement of our ERC-20 functionality, NFTs can now be loaded with any token you can imagine — interest-bearing tokens, LP tokens, social tokens, speculative tokens, token-vault keys… anything. And with ERC-721 functionality just a few days away, Charged Particles is forging the way forward in creative and novel use-cases for NFTs. Our artists are the first to experiment with these new possibilities.

An excerpt from Dr. Jones “Zero Gravity” Teaser Trailer
  • Richard Dixon released the first-ever social token loaded inside an NFT with his Nifty Hearts collection (social token: HRTS).
  • Shytoshi Kusama loaded each of his NFTs of America series with 5 BILLION Shiba tokens. (Elon? 👀)
  • The ethereal collections of both Dr. Jones and Magusz were energized with the tried and true aDAI which boasts the highest interest rates on average. These NFTs can expect ~10% annual returns while they wait to be sold or are displayed in a virtual gallery.
  • Top-seller Alina Loseva loaded her pieces with PAINT, OCEAN, TORN, AUDIO, DEFI5, and COMBO tokens to match her work thematically.
  • Asithos, who got married 1 hour before the event, went a different route, loading his NFTs with LINK, AAVE, and HEX tokens.
  • NFT Superstar, Bruce The Goose, loaded their pieces with USDC and TUSD, each generating interest through the automatic Aave integration in our UI.
  • Squiggles’ “Piggy Bank” series saw the most expensive piece loaded with 1000 USDC and 2000 CHARGE tokens. In fact, each artist has 2000 CHARGE tokens loaded in their highest-priced piece. Some of which, are still there ;)
  • Crypto Lady Gabi and Sushinobi both saw their most expensive piece sell out before the event even started!
  • And in a very surprising finale, our featured musicians, IMT, in partnership with NftyThings, sold their first-ever NFT-shirt for 2.5 ETH, making it one of the top 15 most expensive T-Shirts ever sold! This shirt, linking the physical to the digital with microchips, is embedded with not only the Charged Particles Music NFT and the IPFS hash data, but also has the capacity to live-stream the album from Audius … directly from the shirt. It doesn’t get much more cypherpunk than that — and there are still five left here.

Between this event and “The Big Bang” — the Charged Particles Launch Party — featured artists on our platform have made more than 145 ETH and counting. And this is just the beginning.


Featured Artist, Crypto Lady Gabi

Our newly revamped Charged Particles Gallery, spanning two buildings and seven total floors, gave participants a lot of opportunities to explore. With the help of Richard Dixon, our gallery designer, the vibrant space is growing with each event. We’re also very excited to welcome to our community Decentraland Builder, Spike, who designed the epic beginnings of our five-parcel Mainstage area.

Participants watching the big screen at the Charged Particles Mainstage

Guests from all around the world signed in, chatted with each other in the Discord server, enjoyed two amazing sets by IMT, enjoyed more than 50 pieces of unique art, and really started to get the feel of the future of Metaverse events.

IMT performing from Hainan, China

Musical guest and featured artist IMT laid down some serious funk and disco in two sets, performed from the lovely beachside of Hainan, China. Guests enjoyed some stunning views by Jake Canning, who has captured the island of Hainan from top to bottom with his photography in recent years.

Beautiful drone shots pained a stunning picture of Southern China.


As our roll-out continues, the full functionality of our platform is launched, and our protocol moves towards both decentralization and our governance token program, the LEPTON NFTs are going to start going faster — and that’s because they offer a one-of-a-kind functionality that is only made possible by Charged Particles. So, what are LEPTONS?

LEPTON NFTs are digitally scarce, ERC-721s that have superpowers.

Once activated, LEPTON NFTs act as a rewards multiplier/booster, giving its owner additional rewards earned when the Charged Particles Governance Token liquidity mining goes live.

LEPTON NFTs enable its owner to earn up to 3.1x the normal rewards during liquidity mining distribution (TBA) and there is no cap to the additional rewards earned with LEPTON NFTs.

Each LEPTON is a standard ERC-721, non-custodial NFT that is able to be resold on popular secondary markets like OpenSea.




Our third Art Drop and Metaverse bonanza, ALTERED STATE, is coming on April 7th. With 10+ new featured artists, more giveaways, exclusive musical performances, and a growing community, it’s sure to be a good time.

This event will see the first collaborative collection on the platform from The Guild, an interactive set of NFTs from New Zealand-based musicians Beacon Bloom, Ben Haley’s fun with prime numbers, and perhaps the most international round yet!



Charged Particles was started in late 2019 in an attempt to combine NFTs and DeFi in a novel way.

Charged Particles allows users to “Do more with their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).” Offering near-infinite flexibility and creativity within this growing space.

With Charged Particles, any NFT can be transformed into a basket containing other ERC-20 tokens, even other NFTs. The Principal amount can be time-locked inside the NFT, and through an integration with Aave’s aTokens, programmable yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is just a few clicks away.

Charged Particles is backed by top web3 investors in the space, and the Protocol & DApp go live on MainNet on 17-Feb.