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The City of Irvine is uniquely positioned to end homelessness in the OC

If you would like the City of Irvine to end homelessness in the OC (background story at this link), please write to the Board of Supervisors as well as the City of Irvine Council members. You can adapt, modify, or use parts of the following statement:I’ve lived in Irvine for almost 25 years and I believe that Irvine is well positioned to help end homelessness in the OC. The cutting edge, bold, and collaborative leadership that exemplifies Irvine (e.g. OC Great Park, Irvine Community Land Trust) though appears to be absent now. Instead, scared homeowners, many relatively new to Irvine and probably unaware of the long shameful years of OC cities and the OC Board of Supervisors kicking the problem around, have gained the upper hand. Less than a handful of folks are aware that what’s driving people to experience homelessness in the OC is economic uncertainty coupled with a housing crisis. All the experts, those who work with them and offer them services, agree that solving homelessness requires working together across sectors and with society. County alone cannot solve it although county now has located ~$70 to 700 million (?) and proposes using it to expand permanent supportive housing (housing with mental health services). Few are willing to step up to lead such long-term collaboration. The city of Irvine can. We can. Friends, do we want our beautiful city in the heart of OC to thrive? Yet another decision by the City to litigate against the County is not the answer. Come my friends, help me. Share this message. Get involved. Write the City and the Board. Affirm Judge Carter. Encourage the Board and City to stop wasting resources litigating, and begin to identify solutions that will work.

To dos:

Write/Email/Call each member of the Board of Supervisors. Encourage them to unify and cooperate with Judge Carter, not try to find ways to say he’s exceeded his authority and stop him— Todd Spitzer OC Supervisor (714) 834–3330 | Lisa Bartlett Supervisor, 5th District (714) 834.3550 | Andrew Do, Chairman (714) 834–3110| Shawn Nelson, Vice-Chair (714) 834–3440| Michelle Steel (714) 834–3220

Email your affirmation and support of Judge David O. Carter — Judge David O. Carter, District Judge

Encourage Irvine City Council Members and Mayor to drop litigation and find collaborative solutions and implement innovations that strengthen the current plan so that the people experiencing homelessness don’t end up staying in temporary make-shift shelters for long — 949–724–6233 |

Learn about the OC housing crisis, learn who the “homeless” are and tell your friends who they really are — persons experiencing homelessness — de-stigmatize the situation and reduce prejudice against them; sign the Sign the United Way and UCI Proclamation on Homelessness. Check out Century Villages at Cabrillo in Long Beach, Skid Row Housing Trust, Solutions for Change website and YouTube videos. Solutions for Change has a unique model that has helped to end homelessness for families (with problems such as drug addiction) in 5 cities in North San Diego County. Skid Row Housing Trust may actually be a model for what could be done — permanent supportive housing mixed in with some affordable housing — in the county owned land in Irvine across from the Great Park. Skid Row Trust shows just how beautiful and successful well planned integration of the homeless, not segregation, can be. Irvine has a track record of successfully, beautifully, and cost-effectively planning and implementing inclusive affordable housing.

Attend the BOS Meeting March 27th 9:30am BOARD OF SUPERVISOR’S MEETING March 27th, 9:30am BOARD HEARING ROOM FIRST FLOOR 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd. Santa Ana, California

Become part of the solution. Be the change you want to see in the world. We in Irvine can be good neighbors who help all OC communities thrive and shine. Thank you.

#EndHomelessnesOC #StepUpIrvine



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