Make Every Purchase Count.

Credit card rewards donated to charities of your choice.

Charity Charge is a credit card and app transforming the way people donate to charities through their everyday purchases.

How it all began: Founder Stephen Garten, 28, wanted a way to continually support Johns Hopkins Hospital. The institution treated his father for cancer before his passing and their mission had become Garten’s mission. While researching the best method to donate and reviewing his personal finances, he realized he had unused credit card rewards. The money was technically his, but only if he wanted a gift card or air miles. His frustration grew further when he learned that $16 billion points are wasted each year in the U.S. Ultimately these facts drove Stephen to create a program that would enable consumers to support any charity of their choice with their credit card reward points.

Our credit card is free and allows tax deductible donations to any registered 501(c)(3) charity, religious organization and K-12 school in the U.S. With our mobile app users can search by cause, region, or nonprofit name; support multiple charities; and set up or add recurring donations.

Most importantly the app will display and track each user’s donations, giving them a tangible view of their impact and complete transparency of the process.

In the past, banks have partnered with large nonprofits to release individual affinity credit cards, but with our card, the choice is in the your hands (literally). We know each individual has a personal connection to causes they care about, and we want to enable that connection.

We have partnered with Network for Good, the leading online fundraising platform for charities and nonprofit organizations. They have processed over $1 billion in donations for over 100,000 nonprofits since 2001. Organizations like Amazon Smile use Network for Good.

Overall, we want to create a community of people that desire to make a positive impact in a simple and easy way. Our official launch is this fall (2015). If you are interested in making a positive dent in the universe, sign up and support today.

Also, become apart of the #charitytribe @gocharitycharge

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