We know how to end the water crisis in our lifetime. With your help, we will.

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Nov 29, 2016 · 5 min read

Right now, there are 663 million people on this planet living without clean water. 663 million! That’s 1 in 10 of us. Or about twice the population of the United States.

Mothers, fathers, and little kids spend hours every day walking to find and collect dirty water. Water that’s shared with livestock. Water you wouldn’t dream of serving to the people you love.

But the real problem here is that we know the problem exists and still haven’t done enough to fix it.

Right now, it’s not a lack of generosity; it’s a lack of trust.

42% of Americans don’t trust in charity!

We can solve the water crisis in our lifetime. We know how! But we can’t do it alone. So here are a few things you should know about charity: water

1. We believe that 100% of your donation should go to clean water.

This is the most important. If you give $20 to clean water, $20 goes to clean water. Not $10. Not $17. Not even $19.95. Thanks to an incredibly generous group of families who pay for overhead, electricity in our office, trips to the field, and even things like printer paper, we are able to guarantee that every single penny you donate directly funds clean water for people in need.

2. We believe in local partners who are absolute experts in water and sanitation.

None of our staff are hydrogeologists or drillers. Instead, we partner with local organizations around the world who have years of proven experience in delivering clean water and educating communities about health and sanitation. They know the area, they speak the language, and they work tirelessly to serve their people.

3. We believe in holding ourselves accountable so water keeps flowing for years to come.

“What happens when a well breaks?” is a scary question. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth asking.

Thanks to a grant from Google, we’ve developed remote sensor technology that monitors water flow at our water projects and transmits data in real time so local repair teams can respond if and when something goes wrong.

4. We believe in hope, not guilt.

As an organization, we choose to focus on the opportunity instead of the need. This is about impact. A beautiful chain reaction of positive things that come as a result of having clean water: Healthier families, more time in school, new business opportunities. We want to inspire our supporters every day, and we want the world to absolutely love giving.

5. We believe that every single person makes a difference.

Over the past decade, more than one million donors and fundraisers have made charity: water part of their story. We’ve seen kids selling their toys to raise money. College students biking across the country. Couples asking for donations instead of wedding gifts.

Today, we know with absolute certainty that you can be any age, contribute any amount, and change lives.

6. We believe that there’s nothing we can’t do together.

663 million people without clean water seems overwhelming. It is. It’s a huge number. But ten years ago, it was 1.1 billion. Two years ago, it was 748 million. If we can inspire a generation that expects and demands generosity — from each other and from the brands we support — then there’s no problem we can’t solve.

We need you to believe it too.

There are only a few times, in each of our lives, that we get to witness a truly historic global moment.

Giving clean water to the entire planet will be one of those moments.

It’s going to take millions of people, millions of dollars, and a whole lot of trust, but we believe we will solve this problem.

1 in 10 people without clean water is 9 in 10 people who can help.

Join a community of more than 5,000 passionate world changers who have chosen to give every single month until the day we can finally say that no one on earth drinks dirty water.

You can give $100 per month. You can give $30. You can even give $5!

It’s not about the amount you give… it’s about all of us giving together.

We know how to end the water crisis in our lifetime.
With your help, we will.

charity: water

Stories, thoughts and ideas from the team at charity: water.

charity: water

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We're a nonprofit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every single person on the planet.

charity: water

Stories, thoughts and ideas from the team at charity: water.

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