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The Last Walk for Water

It was still dark and cool when 13-year-old Letikiros walked out the door to get water. She never came home. At 4 p.m. a man found her lifeless body swinging from a tree, a rope tied around her neck.

Chekolech, Letikiros’ mother, sits outside her room.
Today, a line of yellow Jerry cans sit outside Arliew Spring waiting for the water to seep out.
Meda’s church, where Letikiros and Abebe were married.
Yeshereg holds one of the clay pots she and Letikiros used for fetching water. They weigh about 10 pounds empty, and more than 40 pounds full.
The tree where Letikiros’ body was found.
Abebe Welde Michael, Letikiros’ husband
Tekle Haimont now 70-years-old, still leads the church at Meda. He moved to Meda 50 years ago.
Letikiros’ 68-year old uncle, Gebrehiwot Amare, stands near her grave behind the church.
Letikiros’ mother, now 53 years old, sits in front of her house looking over the plains of Meda.
Donkeys loaded with Jerry Cans head towards the Bembya River at dawn to collect water.



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Scott Harrison

founder, ceo of charity: water ( Photographer, husband to Viktoria, proud father, follower of Jesus.