Inspire your friends by doing an outstanding action.

Vincent Le Gallic
Apr 9, 2017 · 4 min read

We are regularly solicited to contribute to projects on social networks. When I read these tweets or facebook status I usually ask myself 3 questions:

  1. Is the author of this publication (usually an acquaintance or a friend) really involved in the request he relays?
  2. Does the total amount of my donation go directly to the NGO to finance its actions or does a large part finance private intermediaries? (fees on payments for example)
  3. Will my gift have a real impact or not?

A simple idea to answer these questions

Inspire your friends by doing an outstanding action, deposit 50% collect 50%

Many people are hermetic at online solidarity. Yet We are all a sort of trojan horse inside our small community, we can use the strength of social networks not to influence but to inspire others. The idea is to remove the main obstacles to online donation. We tell a single story: A trustworthy person (she herself contrasted with her campaign) solicits you to accomplish a solidarity act on a transparent, secure and fully decentralized platform (Neither commissions nor governance by a private company) that’s all, nothing more.

Why Blockchain?

Trust and transparency are the key factors in expanding of funding humanitarian actions

Extract from the report by Populus for the Charity Commission

The blockchain has three characteristics that could change the situation: it is transparent, secure and operates without a central control organ.

Radically reduced transaction costs

Eliminate corruption ?

Core technologies

Public Key Cryptography

Cryptographic Hash Function

Peer to peer networking

Crypto Economic Technologies

The Blockchain

Proof of Work

Ethereum Technologies

Build unstoppable applications :

Decentralized applications

Stack of technology for first version of

For many types of Dapps, Truffle does everything you could want: It compiles your blockchain contracts, injects them into your web app, and can even run a test suite against them!
With Metamask, all your users need to do is install the Chrome plugin, and they will have their own secure blockchain accounts right there in the convenience of their browsers. Read more of this article

You can see a simplified first version of smart contract of that explicates the idea by browsing the source code on Github

What’s Next

I release this demo application (and source code) on github in the next few days

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Inspire your friends by doing an outstanding action.