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Stephan Neidenbach
Sep 1 · 2 min read

Natalie Paffrath is a labor and delivery nurse at Kaiser Permanente, Irvine (according to her LinkedIn profile) and board president of Moms Across America where she has also served as communications and program support.

Industry often uses questionable professionals, like registered nurses, to promote itself and demonize independent scientists and conventional farmers. Paffrath appears to have a special interest in opposing the use of bioengineering.

Moms Across America sells fake health solutions such as questionable detox kits and unregulated supplements. Money raised by the non-profit is often used to promote anti-vaccination propaganda, dangerous bleach and coffee enemas, as well as misinformation about modern agriculture. Many of their advisers are quacks and industry marketing representatives.

Natalie Paffrath’s anti-science views:

— According to her Facebook profile she opposes vaccine requirements that seek to protect immunocompromised students.

— Also according to her Facebook profile she believes in Gerson therapy, which often involves dangerous coffee enemas. Gerson therapy offers a lot of risk with no evidence of a benefit.

— Paffrath has published information to the Moms Across America page involving easily debunked conspiracy theories about wireless signals, like 5G, causing illness, cancer, and autism.

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We Love GMOs and Vaccines publishes CharlatanWatch to track the enemies of science.

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We Love GMOs and Vaccines publishes CharlatanWatch to track the enemies of science.

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