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Jun 3 · 2 min read

According to Wikipedia, Paul Thacker is “an American journalist who specializes in science, medicine, and environmental reporting. He has written for Science, Journal of the American Medical Association,, The New Republic, and Environmental Science & Technology.”

Writers are often paid by food industry interests to promote itself and demonize independent scientists or conventional farmers. In recent years Thacker has taken a special interest in demonizing biotechnology. Industry documents recovered via the Freedom of Information Act revealed that Thacker collaborated with individuals connected to the food industry PR firm Fenton Communications.

Several news outlets were forced to retract misinformation they published by Thacker.

Paul Thacker’s anti-science views

— Thacker repeatedly promotes US RTK, an organization originally funded by anti-vaxxers.

— He denies the global consensus that bioengineered crops currently on the market are no riskier than their conventional counterparts.

— Paul Thacker recently took issue with an article debunking UFO myths and encouraged UFO believers to harass the author.


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We Love GMOs and Vaccines publishes CharlatanWatch to track the enemies of science.

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We Love GMOs and Vaccines publishes CharlatanWatch to track the enemies of science.

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