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SOCIOLOGY FOR CONSERVATIVES: An American conservative social theory

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Author: Charles Moscowitz

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Why is America divided?

Author, veteran radio host and social theorist Charles Moscowitz, an unabashed supporter of the MAGA movement, examines what he describes as a breakdown in American society that includes family and friendships. Moscowitz asks whether our social fabric has been so shattered by the clash between the MAGA movement and its opposition that we may be spiraling toward civil war. In his new book Sociology for Conservatives, Moscowitz, a Sociology major at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, MA, contributes toward bridging the divide by utilizing the techniques of Sociological Imagination as developed by Sociologist C. Wright Mills.

America has always maintained a balance during conflicted times by engaging in dialogue and debate. While we may not agree, we benefit from hearing each other and from engaging in reasoned conversation. Indeed, such debate, however rancorous at times, has been the glue that has held us together.

In Sociology for Conservatives, Moscowitz raises the following topics for debate:

1. What does the MAGA movement stand for?

2. What is the appeal of former President Donald Trump?

3. Why is Trump so hated and feared by his opponents?

4. Why do so many Trump supporters believe that the 2020 election was stolen?

5. What was the US Capitol incursion of January 6th all about?

6. Is the MAGA movement a civil rights movement?

Sociology for Conservatives: An American Conservative Social Theory

Finally…a conservative social theory!

From its inception Sociology has served as an exclusive repository of liberal theory and, as such, Sociology has served as a tool of the progressive left. Charles Moscowitz remedies this bias by offering an alternative conservative social theory that opens the door to the expansion of Sociology beyond its traditional liberal base. Conservative social theory leads us to re-examine social theories that emanated from the work of influential social scientists including conflict theory, feminism and critical theory.

Charles Moscowitz claims that conservatism is natural to Sociology because conservatism embodies the best ideas known to man. Breaking through the barrier of liberal dominance, Moscowitz audaciously claims that conservatism is an anti-Ideology because conservatism is an expression of that which is natural and true. Utilizing the method of sociological imagination as proposed by Sociologist C. Wright Mills, Moscowitz presents a conservative social theory that will serve as the starting point for a new school of sociological thought.

Charles Moscowitz is the author of numerous non-fiction books and he hosts Charles Moscowitz LIVE on YouTube, iTunes and subscribing platforms. Moscowitz is a student at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston where he is majoring in Sociology.




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Charles Moscowitz

Charles Moscowitz

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