Being Good and Becoming Great

Good To Great by Jim Collins

Recently, I had the opportunity of reading Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great. This book was based around a case study that Jim and a very carefully selected group of students put together. The study examined companies that had become “good” or moderately successful, then flourished into becoming “great” or leaders in their specific industry. Although the concepts detailed in this book apply to running a business, I found it to be a very thought stimulating read, because I could apply what I learned to my present day life, and the life I want to lead going forward. I would like to share some of these concepts with you, in hopes that they resonate with your current situation. I believe that these concepts can help with overcoming daily challenges and obstacles you may come across.

Details on the 5 concepts are described here.

The Starter Log, Off the Cuff Podcast:

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