Who’s To Blame? You or Your Phone?

On average, a person checks their phone 85 times a day. Looking at or focusing on one’s phone during inappropriate times is a bad habit that many people have fallen into. Furthermore, if someone has this bad habit, then they are the one’s to blame. They need to admit to their lack of self-control and create a plan of action to improve if they feel it is affecting their production, focus, or worst of all, their relationships with people they love.

People shouldn’t blame the phone or the company that put this power in their hands. Technology companies and the people that run them are built to innovate. These are people sharing their gift of creativity with the world and changing the way people consume information. It doesn’t mean that a user has to be glued to the screen of their phone during a social outing or event.

Technology is being created to make our lives easier, but people tend to overindulge and use it to excess. Use it in moderation and in helpful ways, and you will find that it can be applicable tool. Check the weather in an instant, set an alarm clock, and keep in touch with people you wish you talked too more often. Twitter is a more instant source of information than any news website online. You can now pay for things quicker, access boarding passes in three clicks and so much more. All of these tools are shaving seconds off of a person’s day. But if they are using this extra time in the wrong ways, then no progress is being made.

If this has become a problem, here are some suggested ways to break help break this habit.

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