Wild Frock

Wild Frock is a collaborative project between me and one of my best friends, Karmina Guevarra. It is under hiatus at the moment due to life’s unforeseen circumstances but our first campaign is still up online for you to see on the official Wild Frock website that I designed and its social media channels.

The name “wild frock” came to me while searching for synonyms for clothing and mixing adjectives with it. I thought it had an edginess to it and a nice ring to the name that made it stick to your mind. It instantly had an attitude for me and I intended to convey that in its logo.

The logo was inspired by the outdoors, mountains and beautiful skies that take our breath away in photos. I applied grittiness to it to convey the risk and danger one goes through when they go out on an adventure. The borders are free-form silhouettes of a mountain that I felt like making.

The brand was for the outgoing, well-traveled, active individuals who are not afraid of their nomadic roots and basks in the exploration of nature and life experiences. It also coaxes those closet adventurers who are looking to take that first step out in the wilderness. It is a beautiful concept and it is my little budding flower. I was hooked.

So I got my friend Karmina into it because she’s the best I know. She’s a great writer, a good taste in design, and a law student. She is also Wild Frock’s target market. Who else would I choose to do this with?

Karmina wrote and managed the social posts while I created the website and the visual content. We managed to get over 1000 organic followers within 2–3 months and each photo earned about 100 likes within its first few days of posting. The response is way more than what we expected. It is a wonderful collection that you can check out on this website:

Originally published at charly pura.