Squarecrow, the dark material icon. and Dovestar, the light material icon.

Meet Squarecrow and Dovestar, icon packs you’ll ever need

We, people always have choices. 2016 is a great start to change and now is the time for us choose, to be brave, brave to ourself, and brave to be different. Wether this is how Squarecrow and Dovestar help you being one.

Squarecrow and Dovestar are Squircle-shaped icon packs combining flat design and Google material design in dark/light raised-button-look shape base.

Squarecrow is called ‘dark side material icon pack’ for its dark shape base, while Dovestar is called ‘light side material icon pack’ for its light shape base. Read on, you will know why.

The Story

The inspiration always came from anywhere, Kenneth said ‘this time it was coming from Star Wars movies. There were the dark side and the light side, The Sith and The Jedi. The duality is interesting point that I want to implement to the upcoming icon packs. So I think, how about make twin icon packs that one fits with the dark theme and one fits light theme? And those should be different than any existing icon packs!’

Dark evernote and Light themed evernote. Which one is your favorite?

Kenneth continued ‘The design process is solid from the very start, I already have the color pallete, just a few awesome colors.’

‘The name came from my band, Crowdoves. It reflects eternal duality, peace and chaos, white and black, and Dark and Light.’

Icon base and Icon Background

Squarecrow and Dovestar have this raised-button-look, inspired by Google material design guideline. This makes them as the sweetest eye-candy for your device. Both also have icon background for unthemed icons, your unthemed app icon will look as great as themed icons.

Color Pallete

The pallete comes from the combination of flat colors, iOS colors, and some of the kenneth’s addition. The pallete works great for whole themed icons.

We also implement the use of color group to give impression of each icons. For example, an icon may have cool color (combination of blue-green-turquoise-purple), or warm color (red-orange-yellow-pink). complemented by black or white of Squarecrow and Dovestar.

Shadowing and Detail

fit icon in detail, low opacity flat shadowing is the new cool!

We are making something different than Kent or Squarrel, there is no drop shadows, and no gradients. We try to go flat-design-esque in each design aspect of Squarecrow and Dovestar.

Squarecrow and Dovestar apllies low opacity flat shadow, no drop shadow or tall shadow. It is purposed to give the edge and sharp visual to each icons.

Community Support

Squarecrow and Dovestar are both icon pack that grows with the community support. We have community to showcase the homescreen setup, share the wallpaper and widgets, especially for both icon packs.

Pleased to meet you there, click here to join.

Both icon packs will be released on january. But you can get the beta version from the community.
Thank you for reading!
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