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Connecting Crypto Value to Real Value

  • Over the last 16 months, Charm has created a new industry for Decentralized Market Making Strategies (DMMS).
  • DMMS connect Crypto Value to Real Value by creating liquid markets for new products and services.
  • Alpha Vaults was the first to use DMMS. It helped Uniswap V3 create more liquid markets for ETH and BTC.
  • Alpha Pro will be the first to use DMMS to help protocols launch tokens on Uniswap V3. It will also be the first time DMMS is used to create new markets.
  • This article explains why it’s important to create Real Value, why crypto is best suited for this purpose, and Charm’s plans to help anyone create Real Value.


What is Real Value

Since the Industrial Revolution, the world has experienced an unprecedented rise in economic growth that has been fueled by innovation. Source: Manyika et al, McKinsey Global Institute, May 2013, p. 24

What is money

What is Crypto Value

When things go wrong

How to grow the real economy

Charm’s roadmap

The Charm roadmap is split into 3 phases. Phase 1 is for experimentation (this is complete), Phase 2 is for growth, and phase 3 is to create impact.




Using the tools of finance to create value in the real world

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