Courage2Love #6 Difficult Dialogue

How Willing Are You?

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty, unrest and moral outrage, what role will you play in bringing reconciliation and understanding to a world where divisive and heated topics are on everyone’s minds?

Are you willing to take steps in your life to get to know someone who is different than you are? Perhaps to have a dialogue with someone of a different religious background, a different political point of view, or someone whose gender identity is different than your own? Are you willing to simply listen with the intention of learning more about them, rather than trying to make them more like yourself?

Rev. Dr. Peggy Price is a founding member and past President of the Greater HB Interfaith Council, serves as an Ambassador Adviser for Parliament of the World Religions, and on the Advisory Council for Association for Global New Thought, a member of the Wisdom Council for SARAH and co-founder of Compassionate Huntington Beach.

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