Remembering who you are

Ball of Fire by Spirit-Fire (Creative Commons)

In the space before our birth, in the moment we began to create the blueprint for this life, a group of spirits gathered round a table. Here, we, with the help of our trusted allies, decided our life lessons and chose the challenges that would bring us fully into our life purpose. 
 With our first breath, we rushed into this world with knowledge of the plan. We believed that we had all the skills to learn the lessons, overcome the challenges, and walk our life path with purpose. What we did not realize is that becoming physical means that we don’t always hear with clarity what the spirit is saying.
 If you peer into the eyes of a newborn, you see the wisdom that sparkles within them. I have often wished that we could communicate with a newborn. What would it be like to breach the communication barrier; to speak and to hear of the wonders waiting just beyond this life? Hold a baby, take a few calming breaths, and feel the connection to the sacred radiating from that child. (I held a newborn girl in 1988 and, 28 years later, have never forgotten the connection to her spirit.) A connection to a newborn’s spirit is simply amazing.
 Holding a newborn, we feel the connection to the extraordinary and see the wisdom in the babe’s eyes. We are nudged to remember — remember who we are. We are reminded that we have a great purpose in this life even if we are uncertain of the message. This elusive knowing of who we are floats just outside our grasp. If we could hear the message, we would understand the reasons behind challenges and life lessons and recognize our purpose. The message can be found. It is packaged within our intuitive nudges.
 Our intuition whispers, “You are a wise being aware of you who are. But, as you grew older, your body more fully resonated with the energy of Earth. Your connection to Spirit muted. You forget who you are.”
 We reached a point where we could no longer hear the messages of spirit above the distractions of today. Living in this vacuum does not have to continue. Part of the journey requires that we wake up; we become aware of those nuggets of knowing. When we begin to listen to our intuition, we connect to the wisdom available before our birth. We know who we are. Through our intuition, we begin to live with purpose.
 The wisdom that we arrived with was not lost; we discover it hidden in the folds of our connection to the physical world. We discover the lost treasures by growing acclimated to life in the present moment. We form a bridge between our spirit and our body through our heart and mind. Through our emotions and thoughts we discover the way back to the spirit.
 Our challenges and life lessons invite us to use the intuitive wisdom that dancing just outside our consciousness. It invites us to align our body, mind, spirit, and heart to become one being with four interconnected aspects. With each challenge met and life lesson learned, we wake up a bit more. We access our innate wisdom and connect more securely to the sacred. We understand. We grow into our soul purpose.
 Somewhere along this path of learning, we wake up and realize that compassion is all there is. We shower our self with compassion as we miss the learning inherent in our lessons and successfully meet our challenges. Each learning or failure deserves our compassionate essence. We share compassion with others as they suffer through challenges. Our soul purpose sparks with the message of compassion.
 The way to reconnecting with the recollected wisdom is through compassion and intuition. In this path of awareness, we draw closer to our soul purpose. We transform our self and the world along the way. Our life echoes with the joy of our spirit. We act from the message of our soul purpose. We are the spark that spirals compassion into a wounded world.

by Vanessa Hurst

Author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action, Vanessa regionally facilitates the Compassion Conversation© and presents programs focusing on compassion, living with mindful awareness, and deepening intuitive awareness. Her programs invite individuals to learn by creatively incorporating mental, emotional, and physical activities. Through this holistic approach, individuals identify, articulate, and integrate both personal and collective wisdom into their lived experience