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AI is a lot like pi

But I am not sure most people recognize that…

“More than 80% of companies in that artificial intelligence space have yet to produce working AI!”

I didn’t find that astounding, amazing, or even overly accurate. I suspect that a more hard core analysis would yield a more accurate number than 80+ and likely much higher! Given where I am about to take this article — more accuracy would have been both fitting and ironic. Coming back around.

pi buzz

Artificial Intelligence is a lot like pi — it is immensely useful, has a good deal of buzz, and has impractical levels of accuracy.

Let’s spin that around. AI is quickly spreading everywhere, at least in theory. Although practitioners like my entrepreneur friend are quick to note that much of AI either isn’t or is better labeled something else (i.e. Machine Learning). Put simply — chatbots, self-driving cars, and predictive algorithms don’t have nearly as much in common as their AI umbrella would lead you to believe.

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