“round Timex analog clock at 2:33” by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

Time (Management)

Procrastination has always been an issue of mine. For the duration of my school career, I have skimmed by with straight A’s doing assignments at the last minute and rarely studying for tests. Coming to college, with six credit hours jammed into four weeks, it’s clear to see that my habits of procrastination cannot cut it in this environment. The instant gratification monkey is a very real metaphor for the way I treat my assignments. I sit on the couch with my laptop in hand, but I spend the majority of my time watching television, Youtube videos, browsing social media, or even just watching the blades on the fan rotate. The only work I could ever get excited to do was one of two things: my minimum wage job at my neighborhood’s golf course and AP calculus homework. These tasks were satisfying because I enjoyed them, yet unfortunately, I am faced with far more tasks that I receive no enjoyment from. Here I am, on July 30th, writing a journal entry from the topic we discussed over two weeks ago (I think). Luckily, I’m taking care of this one now even though I could wait another day and churn out some journal entries before our Tuesday night deadline. I suppose that until this month of the Freshman College Summer Experience that I have never been compelled to relinquish my habit of waiting until the last minute, and I would love to believe that my habit is perfectly justified based on my previous grades and accomplishments. Here I am, though. I am an even smaller fish in a bigger pond than I have been before. I can make no promises to change my habits, but I have found in this month that, with so much to do, there is very little to do besides reside to my dormitory and watch Netflix. This lack of familiarity with the city of Athens and lack of social activity to participate in has been forcing me into completing work. After all, I do have to take care of business in order to take care of the fun on the weekends.