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How can you reset your receivables for post-crisis growth

With COVID-19 vaccines distribution now underway, we may finally have come to the beginning of the end of this long crisis.

Once the pandemic is over every business is going to have to assess their financial situation. This includes evaluating and rebuilding their accounts receivables.

In this post we’ll show you can plan for post-crisis scenarios and set up your receivables for a prosperous 2021.

From crisis credit control to recovery receivables

Most businesses have spent much of this year managing difficult accounts receivables situations.

Delayed payments, defaults, bankruptcies, poor liquidity and general strains on cash flow have been seen across industries.

Successful companies have dealt with these problems in several ways. The keys to survival have been consistently analysing accounts receivable portfolios, and pragmatically adjusting processes, terms and operations.

When it comes to post-crisis recovery, some of these measures are still going to be relevant. New strategies however are also going to come into play.

1. Analysis of cash flow requirements and segmentation of your portfolio

2. Be prepared for different scenarios

3. Reconsider your AR tech setup

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Sonia Dorais

Sonia Dorais

CEO & Automation Economy Expert. Former CMO & Marketer at heart leveraging 20 years in scaling B2B technology & SaaS businesses.