Quitting my job to stay home with my kids, a year after

Exactly a year ago I decided to quit my job. I remember it like if it was yesterday. I had just gotten home from work. It was around 7:30pm. I was trying to make dinner and the dishes from the night before. I remember all the noise in the house. I remember I was trying to handle it all, being a mother of 3 and working a full time job. I remember being fed up of my 3+ hours daily commute. Dropping kids of a daycare and riding a crowded subway during rush hours. I remember always getting to work late and feeling terrible about it. The weekends were shorts and the work hours were long.

Being a working mom of 3 wasn’t working for me anymore. I was burned out. Something needed to change. I had for a few years thought of the idea of quiting my job, but I was too afraid of how that decision was going to impact us financially and more importantly how it was going to affect me emotionally. I knew that staying at home wasn’t going to solve all my emotional issues, some probably have worsen. But I knew we needed a change.

This past year hasn’t been easy. I knew it wasn’t going to be. I knew then as much I know now that being a stay at home mom isn’t an easy job. It is by far the most challenging thing I had ever done. That being said, I know this is the place I’m needed the most. And although I have my days where I feel I’m not the best mom out there, I know I’m doing the best I can to be there for them. Quitting my job wasn’t irresponsible act, it was an act of love toward my kids and my family. I know that the decision I made had forever changed their lives. I know that one day they will look at their childhood and remember all the countless moments we spent together just snuggling in the couch being lazy because I had all the time in the world to be with them!

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