Prince, Cobain, perfect practice schedule, and scales

Welcome back to Six String Sunday! This week I have some fun links for you that are sure to make you a better player. We’re going to focus on practice, how you can make the most out of it, and what you should practice. We also have a cool accessory pick, a legendary artist just arrived on streaming services, and more!

1) How to Develop an Intelligently Crafted Practice Schedule — Practicing guitar is one of my favorite things in the world. While I love to improvise over chord changes, and that certainly makes me feel good, what makes me feel even better is learning. Structured practice is one of the only ways that that’s worked well for me. In this Guitar World post, Shawn McGovern goes over how to develop an intelligently crafted practice schedule. It’s no mystery — break down what you need to learn into manageable chunks of time. You’ll notice your playing getting better after each session.

2) The Difference Scales Make — One of the things you might want to practice, are scales. This great video from Tyler Larson shows just how much 7 different scales can change the feel of one lick.

3) Prince is everywhere! — Thankfully, Prince has hit most of the music streaming services. If you want a solid lesson in funk and some amazing soloing, go listen to any of Prince’s albums. Also, did you see Bruno Mars’ surprisingly great tribute to Prince? Check it out here.

4) Accessory alert — TaylorSense — One of my best friends, Michael Friedman recently visited the Taylor factory. We both love Taylor acoustic guitars, and recently Mike has been trying out TaylorSense. TaylorSense is used with Taylor guitars and your smartphone, and gives you humidity, temperature, battery, and other alerts. Mike’s said it’s worked pretty well on the acoustic guitars he has. What do you do for your acoustic guitars throughout the seasons to keep them in great shape? Let me know!

5) Mixing Major and Minor Scales Like Eric Clapton — One of my favorite players to listen to while relaxing is Mr. Slowhand himself, Eric Clapton. You can learn a ton from listening to Clapton, no matter what setting he’s in. Whether it’s with his days in Cream, his solo albums, or when he was riding with the king, Mr. B.B. King. In this video lesson, Learning Guitar Now breaks down how Clapton mixes both Major and Minor scales, to take his soloing to another level.

6) Kurt Cobain guitar up for auction — Fan of Kurt Cobain? If you want to get a little piece of Nirvana magic, one of Kurt’s guitars is up on Ebay. It’s a gnarly blue sparkle deluxe Hagstrom guitar that Cobain owned and played. It’s currently at about 35 thousand dollars! Check it out here.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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-Brian Sutich


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