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Hey everyone, thanks for hanging with me for another edition of Six String Sunday. If you’re new to 6SS, it’s a newsletter I put out every week with my favorite guitar stuff that I found. Everything from articles, to lessons, riffs, albums, videos and more. Let’s get right to the links!

Best guitar apps — It was a super busy week this week, so I was only able to get out one post this week on Chasing Sound, but it’s a good one! Most times when I pick up my guitar at home, I’m either sitting in front of my computer, or picking up an iPhone or iPad to learn or jam.

This week I shared some of my favorite guitar apps. You’ll find apps for tabs, backing tracks, amp emulation and more. What’s your favorite guitar app?

Steve Vai on String Theory — Ernie Ball has been doing this great ‘String Theory’ video series. Each time they do, Guitar World will follow up on things that we’ve learned from the players’ sessions.

This time, they feature none other than Steve Vai. Check out the video here. The video, and what Vai said has been making waves in the guitar community — “People say someone like Kurt Cobain wasn’t a great guitar player. Well, was he a virtuoso? You can argue not. Was he effective? Try to play like Kurt Cobain. It’s not that easy.” Watch the vid, and check out some more great advice from one of the world’s best guitar players.

Broken strings, and how players deal — Speaking of epic guitar players, this video inspired me. It’s entirely made up of nine famous guitar players, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Slash, John Frusciante, Clapton and more.

The reason it was inspiring? These guys don’t bat an eye when their strings break. If you play out live, you know how much breaking a string sucks. These guys are true performers.

Album(s) of the week — Deviations by Mammoth — I’ve been recommending a great guitar album each Friday on Twitter and Facebook (I also put it up on Instagram this week). This week, I have three!

The first is an album I found while searching for Mateus Asato. He guests on the band Mammoth’s album, Deviations. Everyone in the band is a stellar player. On the guitar side, I hear playing similar to Vai, Mattias Eklundh, Animals As Leaders and even Dream Theater. There’s such great playing and tones on this album. If you’re looking for a great prog metal/jazz/ear candy album, check this album out. It’s perfect to be listened to from top to bottom.

Two other awesome albums that came out this week are from Richie Kotzen and John Mayer. Mayer has been leaking songs out for the last couple of months, and now the full album, The Search for Everything is finally out. It’s filled with beautiful Strat tones, amazing bluesy rock playing, and tons of hooks. John Mayer is an underrated player. Go listen and let me know what you think.

Richie Kotzen came out with a new album called Salting Earth. What can you say about Kotzen that hasn’t been said already? The guy is a beast on guitar, he’s super funny, and can sing like Chris Cornell.

He recently did an episode of No Guitar Is Safe explaining the new album, how he created tones, switching back and forth between using and not using a pick, and his pranks. The songs on Salting Earth are pretty incredible. They go from full on shred to soulful and up-lifting. Richie has played in so many different bands, and has upwards of 20 solo albums under his belt. Truly a killer guitar player.

Pickslanting with Ben Eller — I’ve raved time and time again about Troy Grady’s Cracking the Code series, and how he’s really tapped into the mechanics of guitar playing. One of the biggest things he teaches is pickslanting. Rather than being trapped in between strings on upstrokes or downstrokes, you can alternate between upward and downward pickslanting so your pick is “free” of the strings, allowing you to pick easier.

Ben Eller is one of my favorite YouTube guitar teachers. His videos are hilarious, and he’s a great player to boot. Ben explains Troy’s pickslanting technique in an easy to understand way. If you’re looking to just get started with a different type of picking, check out Ben’s video. What picking style do you use? Pickslanting, alternate picking, economy picking?

Great advice from the world of Reddit — If you’re looking to get motivated, this thread on Reddit is a good place to start. It’s all about not worrying about what you “should have done” a number of years ago. If you want to learn guitar, or a technique, or anything for that matter, and you start doing it now…you’re not too late! Just remember it’s never too late to start anything, and music is so beneficial for your life!

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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