The Opportunity of Becoming Great

Kalamazoo Central #34 Tyce Hawkins

Kalamazoo Central High School football team finished with a 5–4 record this season, only missing the playoffs by a very small margin. They suffered some tough loses this year to Portage Central and Northern which were games that Kalamazoo Central should have won this year. But with plenty of talent remaining on the team, Kalamazoo Central should be able to make a run for the playoffs. One player that is looking to make a major impact is incoming senior WR Tyce Hawkins. Hawkins had to the opportunity to play on both sides of the ball and looks forward to his role increasing for the 2017 football season.

Hawkins is a 6’2 and 180 lbs. Wide Receiver and Linebacker for the Maroon Giants. Hawkins is a fierce competitor on the football field and is looking to make a name for himself this season.

This year Hawkins has a lot to prove to himself but mainly to those who have doubted him. “To those who have doubted me, I want to prove them wrong. I want to show them that I am good enough to make it to the next level. I want to excel at the next level. I have very high goals that I will achieve. I want everyone to be able to know my name”, said Hawkins.

With Hawkins preparing for the upcoming season, we wanted to ask him how he was chasing his dreams. “I’m chasing my dreams by playing football and taking advantage all of my opportunities that I have in front of me. I love the game of football, I have been playing since I was 7 years old. Football is second nature to me. I’ve always dreamed of making it to the next level and making my parents proud”, said Hawkins.

Hawkins contributed on the offensive and defensive side of the ball this past season. Although his stats weren’t what he wanted, Hawkins made his presence felt when he was on the field. His primary positon is receiver and he recorded 4 catches for 70 yards and a touchdown and on defense he recorded over 30 plus tackles playing linebacker. “I wasn’t starting this year but this upcoming season I will perform better than anyone else in the SMAC East, I guarantee that”, Hawkins said.

#34 Tyce Hawkins running drills before the game

This offseason Hawkins will be speed training and working on his mechanics to get him ready for the season. This season will be very important for Hawkins. Recruiting will be starting for him and it’s his job to make sure he is in the best shape possible going into his senior year. “I’m interested in Michigan State, Western Michigan, Grand Valley State and Ferris State. I haven’t received any offers as of yet. But I’m planning to perform well enough to earn the interest of those schools”, said Hawkins. Next season is simple for Hawkins, play well and earn a scholarship.

Hawkins is a very coachable student athlete. He gets very good grades and he does whatever Head Coach Chambers ask of him. We asked Hawkins where he draws his inspiration from. “I get my inspiration from my youth coaches. They push me to strive for the best and still help me train. They have always been there for me. I was told to find someone that I wanted to model my game after, and I chose WR Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals. He was an easy choice because he never drops any passes his way. Being reliable on the field is important for my position. I want my QB to know that when throwing me the ball, expect me to always catching it”, said Hawkins.

Hawkins is taking this opportunity to become great, not just on the football field but in the classroom as well. Hawkins has goals of making the All-State team next season and keeping his GPA above a 3.0. “I work hard and I always push myself to become great. I study my own film and make self-corrections to improve my game”, said Hawkins. He plans on taking his team to the playoffs and having the opportunity to compete for the State Championship. With the guidance of his parents who have been supporting his lifelong dream, there shouldn’t be any reason why Tyce Hawkins won’t reach the dreams that he has set out for himself.