Introducing Alterra Answer Bot for Facebook Messenger

Irina Peregud
Apr 10 · 4 min read

Automate customer communication across Facebook Messenger Platform

Today we’re excited to introduce our new integration: . With this integration, any business can quickly turn the company’s knowledge base into an intelligent Facebook Messenger bot.

The bot automates answers to common product questions while supporting customers at every step of the buyer’s journey: from helping prospective clients to learn more about the company and its products to resolving routine help requests from existing customers.

The new integration is meant to help brands provide exceptional customer service on the platform people use daily — on Facebook Messenger.

Alterra Answer Bot speaks your customer’s language

The main advantage of Alterra Answer Bot is that it understands natural language. Unlike many menu-driven Facebook Messenger bots that rely on on-screen buttons, Alterra Answer Bot allows users to ask their questions in plain English.

Here’s what a conversation with the bot looks like:

The bot replies just like a live agent! To make it possible, we’ve developed a proprietary with word and phrase embeddings, language models, intent classifiers, and knowledge base search powered by artificial neural networks.

With up to 90% precision, Alterra Answer Bot is the most accurate answer bot on the market. AI helps it to find answers by meaning, not keywords thus creating an unparalleled conversational experience. When a user asks a question the bot uses the NLP Engine to understand the meaning of the question and to match it to the right answer in the company’s knowledge base. For example, if the user asks “How much will I pay for the delivery?”, the bot will understand that the question is similar to “How much does shipping cost?” and will reply with the shipping rates.

Fast and accurate answers provided by the bot make customers feel valued and as a result dramatically improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

You might have already tried to enable offered by Facebook to improve people’s experience on your Facebook Page. However, these automatic replies are limited, covering only five most basic intents like business address or working hours. Alterra Answer Bot extends them to every topic covered by your knowledge base.

One bot — three customer touch points

Alterra Answer Bot can answer questions across various customer touch points, be it a Facebook Page, Facebook Messenger or a that extends Messenger experience onto the company’s website.

Recent chat history between the customer and the business is always visible across all channels, so agents can easily take over conversations from the bot or follow-up with high-value customers days or even weeks after the first engagement.

If you are curious to see the Facebook Messenger bot in action, you can go to and ask Alterra Answer Bot questions about itself or visit, one of our early access clients, and see how the bot helps with their lead generation efforts.

Code-free setup

With you can create a Facebook Messenger bot in minutes. It doesn’t require coding skills or manually adding the answers. You just need to upload your FAQ file and our engine will convert it to an intelligent question-answering bot.

The bot is ready to start working on day one. It is already cleared by Facebook so you won’t have to wait for the approval.

If you want to streamline customer communication across the Facebook Messenger Platform, (we offer a 30-day free trial) and let us know what you think.

Want more info?

Contact us at or request a demo. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you to set up for your business.

The new integration is an important step towards our bigger goal of creating virtual AI assistants that will understand humans and will help people to make communication at work more effective.

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