Build your RAG App entirely with SQL using LangDB


Source/Citation: Introduction | LangDB Documentation

LangDB: A Comprehensive Guide

LangDB is designed to streamline data flows by leveraging SQL, the ubiquitous language for data manipulation and querying. This choice offers several advantages, including better maintainability and the ability to express complex operations in code, rather than relying on cumbersome configurations. By using SQL, LangDB enables developers and analysts to integrate advanced AI capabilities seamlessly into their existing workflows, without the need to learn new tools or languages.

Combining Vector and Relational Queries with AI Functions:

LangDB’s integration with ClickHouse allows for the implementation of AI functions that combine vector and relational queries, enabling advanced embedding and document retrieval capabilities. Leveraging ClickHouse’s vector search capabilities, developers can perform complex queries that seamlessly integrate structured and unstructured data, opening up new possibilities for data analysis and insight generation.

Data Flow and AI Integration:

LangDB facilitates seamless integration with the broader data ecosystem, including orchestration tools like…