world is quite clearly divided into two factions
Man Vs. Machine: Understanding the Perils of Artificial Intelligence
Shamli Prakash


Hi, sorry to disagree but I am believing in both. The same for our future. Most people I ask for, do think the humans future is going a worst scenario. But it is not true, the future is build now, and WE are writing it currently. Depending not about technologies, but about governance. If we keep current speculative governance, enslave a lot, from different manner, to still enrich a few? For sure, bad future probability up… But perhaps the singularity will save us, or destroy us ! Happily, both are possible. The question is : What should you do now, or not do, to up the probability a nicer future for our children ?

In french:

Think about any your decision, personal, family, enterprise, government !

  1. Is it changing for more freedom ? As it is not currently the trend since the end of the Industrial Era 40 years ago, replaced with a “financial Era?”
  2. Is it creating more intelligence ? And the Flynn effect is slow down, or back from 15 years
  3. Is it moving for more kindness ? (Some says love, it must include not only other humans, but embrace univers)
That’s my recipe for Nice Future !