Better Customer Engagement for Branded Bots.

An opportunity for bot developers to monetise their interactions.

If you are a marketing manager, Bot Agency or an independent bot builder you should be very excited.

One of the challenges in creating a great bot for your customer is making sure they have a great experience. With any great brand experiences you know that you can’t create it on your own. You need partners to truly engage your customers. Sometimes it is a matter of simple timely and relevant data. Often you need to help your customers with information from outside your brand, but you don't want to lose their attention.

There is a growing army of bot developers creating great bots with specialist or unique knowledge. There is phenomenal growth in IoT devices collecting data. However the bot landscape is currently highly fragmented and siloed by platforms that are competing for user attention.

Hut34’s vision is to enable A.I., Bots, IoT, and other digital services to connect, interact and monetise data, information and knowledge. The benefit of the Hut34 Network to a branded bot is not more complexity or more competition, but more utility through intelligent connectivity.

So now with Hut34 your branded bot you can tap that network to deliver an exceptional customer experience. To illustrate the power of the Hut34 Network, we imagined a simplified conversation that a corporate built customer facing bot might have with a customer.


Ripcurl is a global surfwear manufacturer and retailer. In the illustration above we have imagined that they have engaged a Bot Development Agency to build them a bot. Their agency builds the bot on whatever platform they prefer, lets say they do it with The have also connected the bot to the Hut34 Network, and according to the brief that Ripcurl provided have specified their own routing and ranking options.

Once deployed a customer commences an interaction with the bot on whichever platform they choose, lets say Facebook Messenger on their smartphone.

The conversation commences directly between the customer and Ripcurl bot. But once the customer queries the Ripcurl bot with something that it cannot answer, the Ripcurl bot routes that query through the Hut34 Network, responses are ranked and the query is resolved, in the above example, with the assistance of an IoT water temperature device that is owned by someone else in the network. A micro-transaction of Entropy (an ERC20 compliant token) occurs where Ripcurl bot pays the IoT device, and then the conversation continues with the customer and the Ripcurl bot.

The benefits to the three parties are:

  • The customer has been better served with timely and relevant information.
  • Ripcurl maintains the conversation with the customer and does not lose their attention while the customer goes searching for the data. It is happy to pay a small fee to do so. It is a cost of sale.
  • An independent IoT device owner has earned a fee for their device being connected to the Hut34 Network. (This could also be another bot, dataset or digital service).
  • Ripcurl did not have to over-spec the build of their bot because useful but not brand specific knowledge can be sought from the Hut34 Network.

These interactions are highly scaleable as the only human in the transaction is the customer. Thousands of these transactions can occur simultaneously. There is now a lower threshold to making powerful useful bots.

What can you imagine? We would love to hear how this story has inspired you. Get in touch on twitter or here.

The Hut34 Token Sale commences on 19th October 2017, if you like what you have read, get on board and support the project.

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