Top 6 Takeaways from the 2017 Restaurant Technology Study by Hospitality Technology

New HT study reveals that, “Focus on enabling seamless orders and e-commerce across all channels” — is the top strategic goal for restaurants IT investments

Hospitality Technology (HT) recently released their 19th edition of their annual Restaurant Technology Report. The representative sample of the study included data from a 18,845 diverse dining segment locations.

The study revealed that most restaurants are now working to create better experiences for their customers through Omni-experiences. The goal of Omni-experiences, Omni-X, is to develop a better understanding of customers and create the same enjoyable experience every time.

Say2eat works to help restaurants to improve their digital engagement of customers through Omni-X, creating a personalized customer engagement that leads to desired business outcomes.

Cover of the 2017 Restaurant Technology Study by Hospitaltiy Technology. To Access the Full Report click HERE.

Here are the top 6 takeaways of the article, which also illustrate the technology provided by Say2eat.

  1. The HT Study shows that, “Omni-X is coming to bear as the top strategic goal for operators and it is influencing everything from budgets to R&D. For the first time in close to a decade, digital engagement displaced efficiency as the top strategic goal for IT investments.”
  2. When surveyed about the focus for innovation in 2017, 61% of restaurant operators surveyed agreed it is “Improving digital customer engagement and loyalty.”
  3. According to The NPD Group, “Ordering food digitally makes it easier for consumers to customize what they eat.”
  4. 64% of restaurant operators surveyed by HT said that they plan to increase their spending on CRM/Loyalty, Digital & Mobility Software in 2017.
Provided by Restaurant Technology Study 2017 by Hospitality Technology. To Access the Full Report click HERE.

5. Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz accredits the company’s success to its Omni-channel trends. “No single competency is enabling us to elevate the Starbucks brand more than our global leadership in mobile, digital and loyalty.”

6. Daryl Plummer, vice president, Gartner Fellow and Chief of Research gives advice to restaurants going forward in order to keep up with the technological advances occurring in the restaurant industry. “CIOs must consider and test new strategies and directions for their businesses as they contemplate future uses of technology to drive revenue growth.”

Say2eat’s technology will enhance any restaurant’s digital ordering services and improve customer engagement. To find out how Say2eat works, click HERE to schedule a free demo.

Say2eat’s white label solution enables chains and restaurants to create personalized consumer engagements that lead to desired business outcomes.
We are a one-stop-shop for empowering your digital strategy, by providing a seamless solution across all voice and message applications (e.g. Facebook Messenger, SMS, iMessage, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.). By implementing core technologies and transforming business operations to scale global loyalty, our omni-channel commerce creates a smart, brand customized and conversational user experience. This leaves brands with an everlasting impression of convenience, efficiency and ease of use that promotes consumer loyalty and retention.
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