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Apr 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Argomall is an online, consumer electronics retailer in the Philippines that sells high-tech products at affordable prices. The company has a catalog of 3,000 products, ranging from TVs and tablets to laptops and smartphones.

The Bot

CEO Karel Holub built the Messenger bot with two goals in mind.

First, the chatbot streamlines the sales process by letting users place an order without leaving their Messenger app. This is crucial in the Philippines because Facebook is free to use, whereas surfing an e-commerce storefront is not.

Second, Argomall’s bot improves their live chat support experience by enabling customers to ask questions at any point during the ordering process. This reduces the friction of converting ordinary visitors into paying customers.

The Results

“We have seen immediate growth in revenue [using Chatfuel],” says Holub. Argomall calculated over 23X increase in ROI in just the first few months of launching their Messenger experience, which is “unparalleled to our other tools we use” according to Holub. Product sales resulting from Messenger conversations have increased 10% since launching the Argomall chatbot as well.

The Recipe

Argomall used the following tools and techniques to achieve these impressive results:

  • Site Search: This plugin takes a user input (such as “dell laptop”), searches that keyword on the website, then returns the search results to the user in Messenger. Argomall found Site Search extremely useful for its product discovery feature.
  • User Input: Argomall uses this plugin to capture and export user data, such as a buyer’s shipping address. This feature lets you save data to a user-specific variable (aka user attribute) that can be reused later in the ordering process.
  • Live Chat: Human support agents can interact with users 1-on-1 without worrying about the bot interrupting their conversation. Similar results can be achieved by leaving the Default Answer block empty.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start building your first Messenger bot and getting results like Argomall!

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Create bots to engage with your audience in messengers

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Create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers -

Chatfuel Blog

Create bots to engage with your audience in messengers

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