How to get money with your Telegram Bot.

Oct 21, 2015 · 5 min read

This article will allow you to receive money from your bot, by targeting advertisements on your bot, with Boter and Paquebot. You will be able to monetize your audience and get some real cash on your bank account or on your PayPal account.


Install Boter on Paquebot

If you don’t use Paquebot, you need to create a monetization system by yourself. If you don’t use Boter, you need to search for sponsors for your bot manually, without any analytic tool.

Luckily, Paquebot integrates perfectly Boter, and you can use it to create your own bot, and start to receive money without any code, server, or fees.

→ If you don’t have bot but want to create one, use @Paquebot on Telegram to create it. It’s free, easy, and you don’t need code.

→ If you have a bot on Paquebot, open it and use the “/boter” command directly on it. Everything is directly installed, and you get a link to connect on Boter’s web interface.

→ If you have a bot, but not on Paquebot, change it😋


Boter will collect very specific offers all around internet, and you will send these offers to your users. The quantity doesn’t count, but the quality do: you will get money each time an user perform the required action (install app, answer a survey, etc).

That’s why it’s really important to select offers that are interesting for your audience, if you want your subscribers to click on the offers.

Receive your money

On Boter, if you want to use the monetization feature, the first thing that will be required on the bot monetization page, is to enter your payment informations. Personally, I used PayPal, because I’m lazy and it’s easier to remember an email rather than all my bank informations 😝

Once it’s done, you have to wait a moment: the offers are collected. It may take some time, but in my case it was ready in less than 30 minutes.

Choose an offer

The bot monetization page has some content for you? That’s great! Let’s start to use the service 👍

There are many offers available for me, and I have to pick one. Some elements are important when you choose the offer:

  • The content: remember, you get money if your users perform actions. It’s vital to send an offer related to your content. If your bot is about Metal music, don’t send games for babies, because nobody will open your suggestion.
  • The targeted region: if you users are located in Australia, and the targeted region offer is Canada, they will maybe not be able to claim this offer.

In my case, I will choose to promote a popular Android Game: Bloom Beach. I can check where my users will be redirected will the preview URL.

You’re now able to set the different texts, add an icon, and make your offer attractive. More your content is rich, more the users will know what they will see when they click the link.

I used the descriptions on the preview content, uploaded an image, and clicked on “Send”:

The offer was sent! All the subscribers of the bot received it 😎

As you can see, the link is exactly what we, and completely integrated in Telegram. The link is redirecting to Boter, so every time one of your users use that link, the platform will know that you sent him.

Important: in my example, the credit is given for every user who install and open the app (look at the “General informations” of my offer). So if my subscribers only click and don’t like the offer (they don’t install the app), I will not receive any money.

Analyze your success

On the dashboard, I can check the results made by my offers, by clicking on “My transaction and offers shared”:

As you can see, my example bot doesn’t have many followers 😂 And after 6 minutes, nobody installed the game. If your audience is bigger than mine, you should have a bigger impact!

According to the Boter team, the money is sent approximately every 2 weeks, if you got enough money in your account.

Good luck with that!

The money-maker checklist

  • Get more subscribers, and make them stay with you:
    Don’t focus only on making money, it’s better to have 10'000 people who make each 0.01$ a week (~400$/month) than 1'000 people who make each 0.01$ a day (~300$/month).
  • Send only offer related to your bot topic:
    If no offer is good for your bot, don’t send anything. The only thing you will have is people leaving your bot, and nobody will help you to receive money.
  • Be careful about location:
    The location is really important on Boter. If you have a bot in Russian, send offers who target Russian market. If you send an offer for Brazilian market, your user actions will not be credited.
  • Always post between offers:
    Your content is really important. Send your broadcasts as usual. Your offers should not the main thing that your users see. I personally recommend to don’t send more than one offer every 10 messages.
  • Re-invest a part of your money in your bot promotion:
    Don’t keep all the money for you. Use that money to make advertising for your bot on other social networks. Let’s make Telegram bigger, together! Bots are new, and new users are coming every second, so it’s good to be in the first line of this future market.


You’re now able to make money with your bot, and that’s a great thing! It’s not a friendly communication platform anymore, but is now a lucrative area.

If you have any question about Paquebot, you can post your questions here:

If you have any question about Boter:

Feel free to translate this tutorial, and publish it anywhere 😎

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