More Affordable Pricing, Free Plan Changes

Today we’re excited to announce an important update that will take effect in the coming weeks.

We’re grateful for all the invaluable feedback you’ve provided over the past couple months.

Your input is the foundation for all the changes we’re announcing today. These changes will help us keep our promise of providing the best, most affordable chatbot platform your business can rely on in the long term.

More Affordable PRO Plan

Our mission is to help businesses all over the world use chatbots to build long-term relationships with their customers on a powerful and personal channel.

Today we’re taking another step in this direction by making our pricing more affordable.

New pricing starts at only $15/month and increases at a much slower rate. For example, a bot with 10K users will now be 4X more affordable than the old plan! This new pricing goes into effect on June 20.

Free Plan Changes

On August 1, we’re rolling out these changes to the Free Plan:

No product can be free and unlimited forever. Based on your feedback, we came up with a balanced Free Plan that allows you to exercise full creativity with unlimited broadcasts, sequences, and blocks.

At the same time, these changes will give allow us to deliver even better on our commitment of providing an excellent and reliable product to all of you.

Click here to see how the changes may affect your bots.

To Sum it Up…

We hope the new pricing will make it even easier for you to upgrade and enjoy white labeling, priority support, and the power of the People Tab. Upgrading to PRO also means you’re contributing to the platform’s scalability, excellent performance, and faster roll-out of new features.

We know you might have questions, so register for my live Q&A tomorrow (2pm PST).

Thanks for making Chatfuel the #1 bot platform and community in the world.

Dmitry Dumik, CEO