ChatGPT and the Human Talent



ChatGPT and the Human Talent. LEARN ABOUT CHATGPT TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS. CHATGPT TECHNOLOGY ARTICLES. by Jose Antonio Ribeiro Neto Zezinho. #ChatGPT #chatbot #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #DeepLearning #DeepLearning #DP #OPENAI
DALL·E 2023–02–17 07.46.46 — Generative AI paint about human talent and Artificial Intelligence.

ChatGPT and the Human Talent

Authors, writers, content producers, journalists and people who write for a living are delighted with ChatGPT.

Now may be the time to play with this Artificial Intelligence tool that answers whatever questions you may have.

ChatGPT sends us a signal that we are entering a new moment in content writing and production, leaving users astonished with the answers provided containing very well written texts.

It is worth thinking about at this moment that:

  • A competitor has emerged for humans in the process of producing content.
  • Search engines may have their days numbered.
  • A disruptive new technology has emerged.
  • It will be the future of our online lives.
  • Writers will use it on a large scale to develop their work.

Scary, but consistent with the technological times we live in.

Within five days of its launch on November 30, 2022, it registered over one million users, faster growth than Twitter, Instagram and…



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