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Hi, we’re Chatkit.

The average person will spend a total of five years and four months of their life on social media. You read that right: chances are, you will spend several years of your life on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social channels.

Since brands were first allowed on Facebook and Twitter, social was touted as a utopia for marketers: brands could magically connect with a limitless number of people, all of whom went back to those same social channels each and every day. Social networks would act as customer service centers, marketing departments, branding and engagement platforms, and sales tools.

But the reality has proved to be quite different. Social has made brands more elusive than ever. With newsfeeds oversaturated by hordes of companies, it’s increasingly difficult to break through the noise and actually engage with people. And email, while direct, is most often headed straight to junk. Even when people are opening emails, they have no way to respond, and brands have few opportunities to capture critical customer data.

We created Chatkit to make it easier for brands to have deeper, more meaningful interactions with people.

We’re marketers, too, so we know brands aren’t looking to talk at people: they’re looking to engage them in personalized, ongoing, two-way conversations. That’s why our AI-powered chatbot is more than just a bot: we’re an advanced, comprehensive, fully integrated Chat Marketing platform.

The Conversationalist

We’ve launched The Conversationalist because we believe that conversation is the future of marketing. We’re fascinated by the power of AI, and the potential chatbots have to enhance and individualize human interaction. That bots can help facilitate personal connections and make people feel heard is thrilling to us.

We promise not to inundate you with listicles and fluff pieces. We aim to become the resource for Chat Marketing, a place where you can read about topics that will actually benefit you and help you make more informed marketing decisions.

In the spirit of conversation, we also hope to become a community where brand managers, marketers, bot enthusiasts, techies, and anyone else can connect. We’re here to listen as much as we’re here to talk. We invite you to comment, write your own posts, ask us questions, and reach out to say hello. We promise we’ll be here to listen.

Learn more about how Chat Marketing can help your brand at Chatkit.com.

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