ManyChat vs MobileMonkey vs Chatfuel. The Big Growth Comparison.

Oleksandr Gamaniuk
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6 min readOct 28, 2019

Becoming a leader in a market isn’t a success. Success is to keep the leading positions regardless of competition, time, and changes. When we talk about Messenger Marketing, ManyChat, Chatfuel, and MobileMonkey are the first platforms coming to mind. Their leadership is out of the dispute, and it’s exciting to monitor the clash of these titans.

It’s time to summarize their wins and losses in the form of a thorough comparison. Their marketing results will serve as a valid comparison factor as there is nothing more important for business than a number of obtained client opportunities.

Especially helpful this analysis is for our Botmakers team, as we always focus on the most trendy and efficient chatbots when developing the templates. We strive to offer the best solutions for our clients, tested by time and market.

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We took the analytical data from Google Analytics, SimilarWeb, and Alexa, which are relevant at the moment of October 2019.

We’ll not detain you further. Let’s dive into it right now!

Parameter 1. Avg. monthly searches

We checked out the monthly number of searches for such terms as ‘chatfuel,’ ‘manychat,’ and ‘mobilemonkey.’ And here is what we found out:







As we can see, ManyChat is ahead of the competition with avg. 85,120 monthly searches. Although MobileMonkey takes the last position at the moment, it’s worthy to note, that the company made significant inroads in June 2019 and continues growing.

Parameter 2. Site ranks

Site ranks logically reflect the traffic results demonstrated in the previous point:




ManyChat is site #3,028 in the world and #2,735 in the USA, which makes it again a prominent leader. Thus, we recommend you to start generating qualified leads using our templates on Manycht right now:

Despite the lower global ranks, MobileMonkey is more prevalent in the USA than Chatfuel.

Parameter 3. Presence in social media

Since Facebook is the most influential SMM channel nowadays, we’ll compare the social media popularity of Chatfuel, ManyChat, and MobileMonkey based on their FB profiles:




Again and again, ManyChat proved its dominance by the presence of a devoted Facebook community consisting of 79k+ members. All their posts get a lot of likes, comments, and shares, unlike quite passive Chatfuel and MobileMonkey.

By implementing our templates on Manychat, you’re guaranteed to have stable support from the community:

Parameter 4. Engagement

At this stage, we made a fascinating discovery:




Chatfuel traffic overview by Similarweb

The crown passed to Chatfuel, whose visitors distinguished themselves by high activity. Almost 10 minutes users spend on the Chatfuel website on average while visiting 10,87 pages and showing a low bounce rate of 46,52%.
ManyChat and MobileMonkey have approximately the same level of user engagement: over 6 minutes spent on the website, 6–7 pages visited, and bounce rate of 50–60%.

Since this parameter is especially important in the long-term perspective, it looks like MobileMonkey has all the chances to get ahead in the coming years. It’s high time to start getting leads with Botmakers’ templates implemented on MobileMonkey:

Parameter 5. Reviews

Although all three platforms provide quite a similar functionality, the users choose their favorites based on different criteria:

ManyChat review

MobileMonkey review

Chatfuel review

Chatfuel is so easy to start with, especially when integrating with our ready-made templates:

Parameter 6. Geography

Being not a decisive factor, geography rather shows us the target audience and the global dominance of the analyzed platforms:




ManyChat mainly covers the USA, Brazil, and Egypt. Chatfuel is in high demand in Asia, the USA, and North Africa. MobileMonkey has a lot of followers in the USA, the UK, and India.

Parameter 8. Company size

The company size shows how many specialists are engaged in product development and maintenance. The more operations should be processed, the more experts should be involved. Thus, a big team can indicate that the company has a great client base, a lot of incoming queries and ambitious plans.

Since we can’t find out the accurate number of employees at each company, we considered the Linkedln data a maximally valid indicator:

ManyChat LinkedIn

ManyChat LinkedIn page

Chatfuel LinkedIn

MobileMonkey LinkedIn

Manychat has onboarded over 90 employees, which is twice more than a team of MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. Consequently, we can conclude that their workflows are more complex and scalable.

Wrap Up

Winners aren’t judged. Each of the considered platforms deserves the title of the best for a reason.

ManyChat is an absolute champion in the company size, traffic and site ranking race as well as the Facebook community favorite. Chatfuel can boast of its comprehensive API and integration functionality. MobileMonkey is the rising star that delivers the highest user engagement rates.

Every Jack has his Jill. Every product has its devoted users. And we’re doing our best to promote the popularity of the chatbot leaders, by developing the compatible top-notch templates.

This competitive analysis was conducted by Alexander Gamanyuk, CEO of Botmakers, a chatbot template marketplace that helps marketers and agencies sell more bots.