The New Edition of Chatbot Developers Landscape is COMING🤖

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3 min readJul 29, 2020

I know you missed it

Last time we created the list of bot agencies exactly 3 years ago. Now we decided to run it again. The industry has changed many new companies joined the bot party, some companies have left.

Want to have your agency listed?

Okay. Here’s what you have to do, just 2 simple steps.
1. Sign up at
2. Create an agency profile. It’s required to provide information like company name, website, a short description and a logotype. The location is required too. If you’re all remote — that’s okay, just put “REMOTE” in the country and city fields.

What’s next? We’ll be checking all listings by looking at websites and manually approving each qualified company.

How to create a bot agency listing on Botmakers.


How do I know if I’m qualified to be on the list?

We try to keep it simple. You need to work on bots and your website should clearly say that. If you’re just a software development or marketing agency and have nothing about bots at your website — probably this Landscape is not the best fit for you.

How much should I pay to be listed?

Participation is 100% free. We make money by offering bot templates to agencies. But we review all companies before adding to the list.

How many companies do you plan to have on the list?

Good questions. Last time we had around 130 agencies. This time, since then the industry matured since 2017, we plan to have more.

I’m a marketer or marketing agency, am I qualified to be listed?

It’s okay if you don’t “code” you bots and create them with tools like ManyChat, Chatfuel, MobileMonkey and others. We actually like it. Please do apply to be listed.

What’s the deadline?

The deadline is August 6, 2020.

When do you plan to publish the Bot Developers Landscape?

It will take us a week or so to create the high-resolution image with all companies listed, blog posts and newsletters.

Why participate?

Well, you never have too much coverage on the media. If you have a reason like this to tell the world about your company — don’t lose it. To be more specific, I’d expect to get new leads and clients, improve brand awareness and get a website Dofollow link.

This is the Landscape we created in Aug 2017.

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