What are some chatbot agencies that made their own products and became SaaS companies?

Oleksandr Gamaniuk
Botmakers blog
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1 min readMar 19, 2021

It's great to start as an agency and provide professional chatbot-building or AI model training services. But if you want to scale your business - you need to switch to a better business model, like SaaS or Marketplace.

Here's a quick list of some companies that made it. They all started as agencies but after some time figured out how to build a product company.

  • BotsCrew — (https://botscrew.com), started as an agency and then built a chatbot building framework.
  • Botmakers — (https://botmakers.net) used to sell chatbot project leads but switched to chatbot templates marketplace.
  • Airchat (https://airchat.us), a website bot building platforms focused on recruiting bots. Built by the Botmakers team too.
  • A Denmark based BotSupply.
  • Take
  • London-based company We Build Bots (http://wbb.ai).
  • Leena.ai started as an agency too but then join y combinator and built a HR chatbot platform.

Who did I miss? Please mention in comments or email me at alex@tarta.ai.