Introducing Cheap Church Tech

If you are a church that wants to learn how to use technology to better organize and promote your ministry — and you want to do it on the cheap — this blog is for you.

A Church tech blog for normal churches.

Here are the stats on American churches:

  • 60% of American churches have less than 100 members.
  • 90% of American churches have less than 200 members.
  • The median church size in the United States is 80.

There are existing church tech blogs. Good ones. I recommend you read them and will list some at the end of this post.

The problem with church tech blogs is that almost all of them assume you have more than 100 people in your church, that you have a large budget for technology and advertising, and that you have talented graphic designers, photographers, etc. in your church.

But if you are like most churches, normal churches, you probably aren’t that big, don’t have that much money, and don’t have that kind of talent.

  • You can’t afford endless monthly subscriptions.
  • You can’t afford top-of-the-line computers and cameras.
  • You don’t have a photoshop wizard or a pro videographer in your church.

This blog is for you.

(By the way, if you are in a bigger church, I’m not calling you weird, just extra-ordinary. You can learn stuff here too.)

About Me

Hi, I’m Ryan Hayden. I pastor a church that runs around 80. I pastor a normal church. I’ve beeen the pastor at this normal church for 5 years. I know what it’s like to have limited resources and limited volunteers. I know what its like to have no room in the budget for the fancy new toys.

I’m also a web designer and developer. To help pay the bills, I’ve been making web sites for over 10 years. (I’ve been a school teacher. A children’s pastor. A camp director.) I’ve taught workshops multiple times on using technology in the ministry. I’m familiar with more tech stuff than most people will ever forget.

What is cheap church tech

In this blog my friends and I are going to show you the tips and tricks you need to know to get super productive with tech. We’ll show you things like:

  • How to organize and keep track of your ministry.
  • How to better write manuscripts.
  • Cheap options for putting your sermons online.
  • How to put your church finances on autopilot using free software.
  • How to make great looking slides without expensive software.
  • What cheap hardware you can buy and how to use it.

We’ll be posting every week. Keep checking us out.

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