Want to ditch Adobe (or learn graphic design)? Check out these apps. They are on sale this week.

I love Adobe software. I used it every day for around 10 years. But I don’t love their current pricing model. ($50 a month forever.) I ditched Creative Cloud two years ago and haven’t looked back. (Although I do miss InDesign a lot.)

The main app that I replaced Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with is called Affinity Designer. Its a very polished (it won an Apple design award), very photoshop like design app that will do almost everything you were doing on Photoshop or Illustrator.

Previously Mac Only, they just launched on Windows this week and are offering a launch sale of only $39.99. That’s not a monthly subscription — that’s one and done. Go get it here.

Affinity Designer handles PSD files and AI files like a charm — so there is no lack of design resources it works with. They are really making inroads into UI design too. They also have a great Photo app, and an iPad app and page layout program in the works.