Cheap and Easy: the $2 scoop mod

by Matthew Mandarano

We are featuring another great, inexpensive mod, shared by one of our friends Matthew Mandarano. This post originally appeared on Pinside and has been only slightly modified from Matthew’s original.

So, I’m not a fan of paying a ton of money for a scoop mod. Some are $40 plus, and some scoop lights I’ve found that are tied into GI, etc. and are just not that bright or don’t look that hot. So, I decided to try out my own little engineering and came up with a $2 scoop light mod.

You can purchase these 12v strip lights with adhesive on the back from Comet Pinball in several different colors. You will need also a 4-pin molex .156 female connector (available here from Marco Specialties) and two molex .156 connectors (available here from Marco Specialties) plus a little bit of 20AWG wiring.

On WPC games, there is a cabinet board on the left inside of the cabinet. On the very bottom left of the board are unused ground and 12v supply lines. Run enough 20AWG wiring that you will be able to neatly tuck the wire in the wire holders along the inside of the cabinet, up the playfield and fish to wherever your scoop is. Crimp your connectors and insert one pin into the first position of your 4-pin molex female connector and the other line into the forth position (see photo). When you plug into the cabinet board, this will give you your 12v and ground feeds.

WPC cabinet board with 4-pin molex connector

Next, solder the wire coming from the ground lead to the black wire of your 12v three LED strip and the other wire running from the 12v to the red wire on your 12v three LED strip. Remove scoop housing from under playfield and find a good spot to fish in and stick your LED strip.

WPC scoop mod wiring

Then, turn on the game and viola,$2 scoop light mod (show here on Addam’s Family).

Addam’s Family scoop mod

If you want to run multiple scoop mods (picture below isn’t really a scoop light but just swamp illumination), just split off from the connector so you have two or three (or whatever) lines running off that supply.