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Essential Metallica Mods

by Kristin Browning-Mezel

Even though I’m not a fan of Metallica, it sure is a cool pinball machine. It is very mod friendly and therefore it’s easy to add some pretty cool accessories. Here is our list of essential Metallica mods.

We purchased the Premium version of Metallica in 2013, hooked it up with a sub-woofer, and our arcade has never been the same. No doubt you like Metallica music and a sub-woofer is incredible on this machine.

Our second mod for this machine was the snake fangs, made possible by the early breakage of the OEM version. Metallica removed the fangs from the machines after discovering the issue leaving wide open the opportunity for Mezel Mods to work its magic.

Snake with Pingraffix decal and Mezelmods fangs

We created the fangs using our shops 3D printer. After many batches of fangs and a TON of experimentation, we found a design that eliminated breakage (so far) and could be made at a reasonable cost. Snake fangs are one of our biggest sellers primarily because they fill a gap in Stern’s original design. They had intended fangs but didn’t have the right design.

But what really puts the finishing touch on this former turtle of a snake is this decal for inside the mouth. It’s made of high quality materials making it sturdy and likely to sustain thousands of games. Available from Joe Raptor at Pingraffix or at, this is one incredible deal of a mod at 2 for $10. It’s hard to imagine this snake without his tongue!

Another personal favorite are our speakers. The speakers in yellow flash with game play. Combine the two speakers with the 2-wire Sparky Electrocution helmet and you get a really cool effect! Check them both out in this video. The yellow LEDs look realistic, like what you might see when looking on stage at Metallica performing.

Iamdarras neon green ball guide protectors

I’ve often said the best mods are those that look like they came factory stock. This next favorite- ball guide neon plastic protectors- fit that category. Available from Iamdarras, these protectors stick out just beyond the playfield art and add a glow that accentuates the colors of the game. We like the neon green but they are also available in neon blue.

And on the essential mod list not for aesthetic appeal, are Cliffy Protectors. With the vibrant color and play field artwork in the Metallica machine, the last thing you want is it ball damage. Enter Cliffy protectors that ensure your play field is protected from ball drop to may other locations.

Cliffy protectors available in most parts shops

Cliffy is well regarded in the industry as the ‘go to guy’ for protectors of these sorts. People refer to them by brand. “Have you bought your Cliffy’s yet?” Available in many online shops, see Cliffy’s site for more information on his Metallica protectors.

What is your favorite Metallica mod? What mod do you wish was available?



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