Have you ever heard of viral audio? 🤔🎧

The future of podcasts and audio journalism

Marc Biskup about the future of audio journalism.

In the latest episode of #CheckYourFacts, we discuss the magic world of audio. Podcasts, Anchor 2.0, Christian Bale, Facebook Audio, and so on.

We’re not entirely satisfied with the audio quality of the episode, partly due to some network interference (we blame you, Skype), but as you know, this is a work in progress. Slowly getting there. Next time, we will give Google Hangouts another try.


We got some really nice shoutouts and feedback lately (thank you so much for the noteworthy note in the Best in Visual Storytelling newsletter, Rachel Schallom!). Anne Peter and Nicola Wessinghage asked for links of mentioned websites, articles, newsletters et cetera in a Twitter conversation earlier this week.

And, since we are truly dedicated in our mission to be open and transparent, we’re proud to say that we’ve kept our promise!

We’ve provided links for all of our mentions (hope we didn’t forget any of them…*fingers crossed*) in the podcast description, and to all of you who want quick access through Medium, here’s the very same list — but with nice Embed.ly embeds.

We will also provide them in our next newsletter (the first we will send through Revue — thanks Nikky Hofland! 💪), so don’t forget to sign up!

Here’s the list of links

Angry caller thinks that one word is pronounced incorrectly:

Readers of BILD hate the satire magfazine Titanic (in German):

How The Economist is using Facebook for live audio:

Christian Bale flips out on the set of Terminator Salvation (not Batman… sorry!):

Audio faces unique challenges on Facebook, NPR:

S-Town podcast by Serial:

Abby Norman — Let Me Google That

Lisa Donelly — Inside Humor

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Henrik Ståhl on Anchor

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David Tvrdon is a journalist interested in social & new media, data journalism and journalism innovation. Now working as a product manager for online news of @DennikSme & @SME_Data.

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