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Jul 4 · 4 min read

November 2018. We release the first version of Checkaso. Over the following months, you were writing your impressions and feedback — and that was the last push for us to decide it’s time! It’s time to create a full-fledged platform. We are going to tell you not only about our product but also about people who created it and who keep improving it.

2016 year

We came up with the idea of Checkaso in 2016. By that moment Pushapp, our mobile marketing agency, had been existing for 3 years. We had come to an understanding of what app developers, marketers and owners want. And of course, we had seen the gaps in the existing platforms and services.

We knew how to make things easier for everyone in the mobile app industry. How to make the service interface enjoyable and the functionality sufficient for all needs. So we started to work. We thought everything through: the website, the algorithms, the formulae. But we didn’t make a release.

More urgent and important tasks came up. But somewhere inside we kept thinking of Checkaso and waiting for the right moment.

2018 year

Our team gradually renewed itself: the staff became more experienced, we developed more expertise, accomplished more cases. We were working and gaining strength and confidence. We didn’t know how it happened, but in November we realized: now is the time.

What is one week’s launch? Sleepless nights for the technical department, designers working without a lunch break, time and nerves spent by ASO specialists and marketers.

And then at the webinar our team uses Checkaso to analyze applications’ ASO. You are excited, you like it. That’s exactly why we have been working so hard. We didn’t even expect our instrument to be so helpful for you, and so appealing. It inspired us to work further.

2019 year

Let’s get back to nowadays. For six months we have been studying, analyzing, prototyping and programming — and you will see the first results on the 31st of July. Today we have no doubts or fears. We have a clear vision of the way and we know this platform will make things easier for you.

We have a clear concept that we aim to reach:

An understandable and convenient analytical platform that helps app owners of any level of expertise make and implement strategic decisions in order to acquire relevant users.

Within less than a year we went from a separate ASO tool to a self-sufficient platform covering your needs in ASO and analytics. And that is just the beginning.

Checkaso opportunities

Let’s turn to the functionality itself. It is based on the real needs of those who work with applications.

  1. ASO estimation using the ASOindex we created. Have your search optimization evaluated by the following parameters: text and graphics, feedback and rating, visibility for the audience, etc. Compare your ASOindex with the competitors.

2. ASO tools: keyword analysis, their dynamics and indexing, missing keywords, position, and competitor monitoring.

3. Comparative analysis of your ASO over various time spans or against competitors.

4. Appy is your ASO assistant giving personal ASO tips, notifications of competitors’ events and changes in position or Featured status.

5. Smart events for tracking the changes and dynamics after updating ASO, getting your app Featured, updating the app, launching an ad campaign or another important event.

6. Follow the ASO change dynamics of your app and competitors. Watch the TOP charts of competitors and your apps.

7. One dashboard for your own apps and competitors, for managing them and watching all major indicators. You do not have to switch between pages.

What’s next?

We will launch three beta tests before the final Checkaso release, gradually adding the whole functionality. This whole time you can have free and unlimited access to the platform.

The first beta will be released on 31 July 2019. You can sign up now and be the first one to get a beta invitation.

We are always glad to receive your feedback. It is our biggest motivating factor. Besides, the most active participants who will point out bugs and write feedback will get several months of subscription after the release.

Sign up for Checkaso BETA. Let’s create an ASO tool together!


Checkaso Team


Checkaso is an analytical service that defines application’s ASOindex. ASOindex — an indicator of page optimization level in Google Play and App Store.

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Checkaso is an analytical service that defines application’s ASOindex. ASOindex — an indicator of page optimization level in Google Play and App Store.

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