10 Best Travel Budget Accommodations

When you travel one thing that you have to splurge on is ‘accommodation’…

Here are some amazing ways which will reduce the cost to a good amount (You will thank us later *serene smile*)

1) Luxury Hostels

A small room, a bed and few basic amenities- here are the few things that come to our mind when we say ‘Hostel’. Now imagine if we make this hostel luxurious? These do exist. Right from single backpackers, families and couples, everyone is welcome here. They come with indoor swimming pools to rooftop bars, stylish outdoor patios (an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is typically paved.) to parquet floors to in-house cinemas, monthly exhibitions of local artists etc. Lisbon has a huge number of gorgeous luxury hostels & there are a few at multiple locations in Europe too.

The lobby of the Generator Hostel in Venice

2) Budget Boutique Hotels

As the name suggests these hotels aim to bring the stylish design flair of a boutique hotel to the traveler on a budget. And the low cost aspect of these places is maintained by subsidizing the element of self service involved in the up keep of the hotel, like the self service cafeteria or 24 hour self check-in the Student Hotel Amsterdam (starting at €50 per night) and Mama Shelter, a Budget Boutique Hotel in Paris (starting from €79 per night) These hotels can be located in a suburb, near airports or away from the city centre.

Library. The Student Hotel, Amsterdam

3) Home Stay (Couch Surfing)

Home stays are where the locals offer you a truly authentic travel experience, by letting the traveler accommodate at their very own homes & help the traveler connect with the local hosts which does comes with a cost to be paid to the host. These kinds of accommodations helps the guests with benefits like travel guidance from the locals, to avoid tourist traps and find your bearings. Prices charged are per room per night. Some hosts do offer discounts too. Homestay.com offers you to list as a free host on it.

4) Warm Showers

A free worldwide hospitality network set up by cycling enthusiasts, to provide hospitality towards fellow cyclists. An agreement to host the fellow cyclist sometime in the future by all the fellow members of the community is a must. They provide a place to stay which may be a room, a couch or a campsite. This community is built on 100% reciprocal hospitality.


5) Glamping

Glamours + Camping = Glamping

Yes a glamour’s stay in exotic, remote and breathtakingly beautiful locations around the world, in accommodations like igloos, trailers, tents, tree houses, huts, cottages and villas to even pods, cubes, domes and yurts is called glamping. Depending on the amenities provided, the price of the staying at a glamp site can vary. Sleeping in a tent with a double bed, enjoying the rustic luxury of Massai Mara or enjoying the luxury in a tree house community or sleeping 2bedroom- 2bathroom in Costa Rica for $100 a night. Whichever type of camping you choose glamping provides you with a level of comfort and luxuries.

Glamping in France

6) Champing

It literally means camping in a church (yes, it’s a thing). Just imagine spending a night alone in one of England’s historic church surrounded by rural countryside, bathed with nothing but candle light during the night and enjoying walks, yoga or simply a stroll down the pub for drinks! Sounds fun, isn’t it? Each champing is just £60 per person per night, including breakfast and is available at one of three historic churches located in Kent, Northampton shire or near Cambridge.

The Church Conservation Trust’s ‘Champing’ Break

7) Camp in my garden

This type of accommodation is mostly seen over North America and Europe. It provides an option to the traveler that opens up the possibility of using a homeowner’s private garden as a micro campsite. The facilities provided with each individual garden differ widely, from basic camping to more luxurious glamping sites. This can be an excellent option for travelers looking to visit regional festivals, markets and fairs. It is free to list one’s garden as a campsite


8) Night Swapping

This is a network, where one can sign up and list their houses or guestroom as a potential place to stay for fellow travelers. How it works is every time someone stays at your house for free, you gather free nights of stay, known as travel capital, which can be used by you in the future for you own personal travels with a local in the same community. You can list your place for free on night swap.


9) WWOOFING (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms)

This is a worldwide network of organic farms where one can be offered lodging and food in exchange for 4–6 hours of help/fair exchange per day. One can extend his stay from 2 days to up to six months. This type of accommodation facility not only provides opportunities for oneself to acquaint with an alternative lifestyle as well as meet with people who share the same passion. WWOOFING comes with a subscription fee which can vary from zero to $27.


10) University Rooms

Yes University Rooms these come with everything from overnight to long term rooms to travelers in the historic setting of a university or college out of term time. The UK has the greatest density of accommodations which are spread across 30 cities from Liverpool to Lake District and even London. There are 120 cities worldwide. Why will anyone not love to stay at OXFORD University or Cambridge for a budgeted amount, instead pay more for an overpriced hotel! Yes this of course gives the opportunity to even be social, & connect with other fellow travelers. Don’t worry, if you book a room here, you won’t be asked to re-take those exams…


So, with these cool accommodation alternatives, lets head towards an adventurous travel and explore some of these budget-friendly place to stay I am sure we will definitely have something to write when we are back home and share with our friends and families.