11 Reasons To Visit Germany…

Deutschland, the leading country of Europe…The country of past, present and future… Land of history, technology, stories and sports…

Here are eleven reasons to visit Germany…

1. Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beer is the best drink. Period. What more could we want than the best beer at the best price served by the best people… Just imagine sunset, and an outside café, and a frothy mug of beer in our hands… This is how good life gets!

Have you grabbed a cold one yet?

2. Automobile Lovers-Welcome Aboard

Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW! The automobile Mecca is Germany! For all the auto lovers, Germany is the dream. Be it as a tourist, as a student or as an employee… Germany is the place to go for all the auto geeks out there…


3. Football

The land of Neuer, Götze, Schweinsteiger, Oezil… It’s the land of all the Football Legends. The game who created these players. Football! The most popular game in Germany and the champions of the previous world cup… Germany has everything to offer for the football fans of the world!

Watch out… The pass is coming to you!

4. Die Sprache- the language

German, the language spoken on native as well as foreign land. To all the German learners and teachers out there. Listening to the authentic German, is an audible treat. Talking to Germans in German is such a chip on the shoulder! Also one will get to visit all the original Goethe Centers…

When in Germany, speak like the Germans do!

5. The oh-so fancy cities

Germany has some of the best cities in the world. Berlin, the amazing capital city and others such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf … The mixture of class, industry, money, automobiles, technology, sciences, beauty, theatre…German cities has everything to offer..

Checking out the upcoming Lufthansa, are you?

6. The country and its side

Germany is the most picturesque country. It has all the beautiful elements like the lush greenery, the fresh produce, cows and cheese, orchards and fruits, months and seasons, castles and stories… The countryside is the one of the most gorgeous things in Germany.

Are you up for some farm fresh bacon and juice?

7. Book Worms

Germany is very well known for its education. There are some of the best fairs organized for the readers. There you will find books related to fiction, drama, science fiction, sciences, technology. Name it and you will have it. Frankfurt and Leipzig have some of the finest book fairs in the world.

What are you reading?

8. The History writes itself here

Culture and Germany go hand in hand. There is no culture to a country without a significant past. Germany used to be Prussia and there it began. All the rich monuments, castles, buildngs, literature, music, you get to see all in Germany. Brandenburger Tor, Neuschwanstein Schloss, Beethoven and Mozart… The Second World War and Adolf Hitler, the Berlin Wall and its Graffiti…

What a rich heritage the country has!

9. Meat treat!

The all-time favorite country for meat lovers. After Automobile, the country is known for its meat! You will have sausages and bratwurst, schnitzel every day. Hamburger!

Booked a table yet?

10. Fests

Oktoberfest is the attraction to the world. There’s also Weindorf, Sommerwerft, International Literature Fest. Every fest will have beer or wine & loads of awesome food everywhere.

Which fest would you like to go to?

11. Get inspired

Germany with it’s technology, literature, music, art and awesomeness has lots of flaunt. It is really an inspiration. A true manifest of what a developed country should be like. Why not learn everything that Germany has to teach? Could help us a ton! A perfect example of culture and modernization is the country of Germany.

Fascinated yet?

Haben Sie Ihre Koffer noch gepackt??? (Have you packed your bags yet???)

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