9 things to do when in Langkawi during Eid

What can you do in Langkawi (Malaysia) during Eid?…. Nothing..??? Think again…
This actually happened with us, when we visited this heavenly place back in 2014! Like all the enthusiastic young travelers, we didn’t book any of the tours. The plan was simple, reach there, interact with the local folks, understand the place in more depth, and basically explore the place. The very important thing was taken care of, and that was hotel reservations at Langkawi Lagoon Resort, sea-village, for which we had a super lucrative deal, which would have otherwise costed an arm and a leg! (Crack the best deal with LangkawiLagoon, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Agoda
After the overall experience, do we really want to visit this place again during Eid time? The answer is hell yes! Off course with some corrections!

So here are the practical tips:

Plan a travel to Langkawi, especially during Ramadan, approaching Eid. This is the best time to experience the native culture and tradition.
Resorts, hotels and very expensive properties too, are at dirt cheap rates, so grab the opportunity! Also the flights, if you book well in advance. Or if you are in Singapore, you might get some really good deals. (SkyScanner)

The Ideal trip should be 2 days prior to Eid, + 2–3 days of Eid celebrations there. Remember, the Eid celebrations start at the sighting of new moon, so the day and date can differ, be ready with plan B for the same!

Ramadan is the religious month for native Malay Muslims, also known as Puasa month (the 9th month in the Islamic calendar). Hari-Raya festival celebrations, are in full bloom, everywhere, which would start mostly after 7.30pm, at the Iftar time, when the daily fast breaks. So keep yourself free at this time to roam around the place and be a part of their social gatherings!

Foodies have the chance to satisfy their gastronomical cravings for original Malay cuisines, at the local market places, and almost at every food shack! Especially the halal, street- food items, along with some vegetarian food too! (Be specific about your requirements; Vegan OR Vegetarian)

For shopaholics, again a best time, especially at Langkawi streets. It is really cheap, yet a lot worth than shopping at any mall. (I found a very unique watch while window shopping, which is still my fav one!) Watches, purses, cosmetics, travel bags, accessories, electronic goods, clothes and what not..!

Watch for what you are wearing! Because, skin show is considered insulting, so are the tight, body hugging clothes, especially during this period of Ramadan, while mingling with the crowd after Iftar.

Restaurants and resorts are less crowded, also most of the staff is off for the holidays, so you might experience a very poor service at times. Don’t loose your cool for the same. Plan your tours like, Grand island tour, Half day island hopping, Private cable car(Tour) and oriental village visit, Langkawi IslandTour, etc, strictly before Eid, as most of the services are closed for 3 days of Eid celebrations

Helicopter ride
Cable car ride

Langkawi can be a great hide out, especially during this time, for those who seek their unanimous time with nature, to unwind themselves, at such serene, environment. Less crowded white sand beaches with clear blue waters, create a semblance of being at a private beach!

Langkawi can be a great hide out

So if you want to bag this rare experience, destination Langkawi is just for you!

Eid Mubaraqe!

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