#BucketList — 5 Beers We Would Love To Try

Oktoberfest is upon us, and there is no escaping the gallons of beer that’s going to be poured all around the city. Taking an inspiration from the festive air that surrounds us, we have curated a bucketlist of 5 of the best beers we would love to try some day -

1. Dark Lord

This excites me for 2 reasons :

a. A reference to Harry Potter

b. It is available on only one day a year in April (Dark Lord Day) at Three Floyds Brewery in Indiana.

2. Pliny The Younger — Russian River Brewing

Potent and pungent, Pliny The Younger is brewed once a year for release on the first Friday of February and is available at Russian River’s Santa Rosa brewpub for just two weeks. It is said that the experience of drinking this is worth more than the liquid in the glass.

3. Asahi

There are a bunch of places you can get your hands on this brand in India too! This is a dry beer that is clean and crisp, and is manufactured with yeast, ingredients and high Japanese technology standards.

4. Cobra Beer

An Indian beer brand manufactured in the UK & China, this was first manufactured in 1989. Dramatic as the name suggests, this lager is smooth and something that both ale and lager drinkers will love.

5. Thomas Hardy’s Ale

We love this for 2 reasons-

a. Production of this beer stopped in 2008, thus making it difficult to procure a bottle. We loe a chase! Plus it tastes better when stored.

b. It’s sweet, and has a high alcohol content!

It is best enjoyed with blue cheese :)

These are some of the exotic beers we could think of. Do you have anything new to add to this list? Tell us!

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