Cancelled Travel Plans? Opt For A Staycation!

So your friends are taking Euro trips, colleagues have gone backpacking, holiday season has just begun and you have 3 days off after a hectic past months and you have no plans to travel or go on a vacation. Does that mean you need to mope around while everyone is vacationing? No way! It’s time to say hello to a staycation!

So this is why a staycation is a good idea for you –

1. It’s Easy

There’s no need for intense planning or coordination or even booking tickets to and fro. All you need to do is drive down to the spot in your city where you plan to spend your holidays.

2. No Travel Stress

There are no bags, no luggage, no packing and unpacking, no schedules to be followed, no airports to spend time at, no train to catch…you get the drift.

3. It’s Time To Relax

A staycation is a great idea if you plan to do nothing but relax. Switch on your favorite TV show, catch up on seasons, read your favorite book, go for a spa therapy, take a swim….take some time out and relax.

4. Savings

A staycation is definitely an economic option — you can take a staycation on any level of budget, but it’s definitely lesser compared to what you’d spend on travel, accommodation and food while traveling.

5. A Tourist In Your City

We spend countless hours balancing our personal and professional lives. How often have we taken a look at what we have in our own city? A staycation gives you a great opportunity to discover your own neighbourhood.

Holiday season has just begun. Where are you off to?

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