Reasons To Celebrate Arbor Day

With the increase in global warming, trees are been cut down tremendously with every passing day, cutting down trees is a very common phenomenon in our everyday life. Be it for land and our own selfish needs, trees are cut and cut and cut; it goes on. Putting away all of this aside, there is Arbor’s day celebrated on every last Friday of April past 135 years.

What exactly is Arbor’s Day?

Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Today, many countries observe such a holiday. Though usually observed in the spring, the date varies, depending on climate and suitable planting season.

It has been more than 135 years since J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day, and his simple idea of setting aside a special day for tree planting and observance is now more important than ever.

Here are the reasons, wherein you should celebrate Arbor Day and Plant trees:


Research shows that trees planted in the city make people happier! The result is a reduction in stress levels, crime rates, and improves patient recovery time. Arbor Day sets as a reminder to mark the concern on health by planting trees.


Trees are a great way to soften the often harsh city environment. A tree with vibrant fall color, interesting branch structure or bark patterns in the winter, flowering in the spring, or providing shade with its lush, green leaves in the summer will always provide a pleasing distraction from the urban environment.

Arbor day’s celebration is a sign signifying the tree’s beauty.


Trees are an important source of life-giving oxygen in the air that we breathe. They filter out harmful particulate matter and other pollutants common in the urban or suburban areas that would otherwise make it into our lungs.

Breathe clean, stay healthy and Celebrate Arbor’s Day ……….


Trees shade our houses from the sun and provide insulation and create windbreaks, keeping heating and cooling costs during the extreme temperatures of summer and winter lower.

Trees are the providers of oxygen, therefore start planting them to mark Arbor’s Day celebration.


Clean water: Trees help filter the water we drink. The leaves of a tree slow rainfall on the ground, preventing soil erosion and pollutants from washing into our water sources.

This Arbor day, Plant trees and Fresh water ……………… normal


Trees are a major factor in carbon sequestration. CO2 is a major contributor to global warming and tress put it to good use rather than causing harm in the atmosphere.

Plant a Tree this Arbor’s Day.


Our children: Every day, many trees are cut down to allow for our continued growth as populations expand. We must work to replace them if we want our children to receive the same benefits from them in the future that we enjoy today.

If we develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment, it will always give us back. The more we give the more we will get back, be it trees.

As travelers we love to explore new places and greenery is always a soothing treat to the eye …… so This Arbor’s Day let’s vow to plant more trees so that ….. we can travel along the lush green fields.

Happy Arbor’s Day …………………